Paan Wala wears PPE kit in Banaras to sell pan and spread awareness!

The people of Banaras are fond of Paan to a level that cannot be imagined by a layman. It can be said, they can do anything for a Paan. And this Paan wala in Banaras wears a PPE kit in the times of coronavirus. This is done in the light to supply paan to the beloved paan lovers while maintaining safety.

Rahul Chorasiya, the Paan seller with a shop on Lanka-Assi Marg had no business during the lockdown. Although, when the lockdown was lifted, the first thing he thought about was the affair of his customers with the Paan. Keeping that in mind, he got himself a PPE Kit.

pan wala in Banaras wears a PPE kit

Along with wearing the PPE Kit, he makes sure he has his mask on at all the given times. Moreover, at regular intervals, he sanitizes himself, the shop, and even the customers when they come to his shop.

This shopkeeper has indeed set the standards world apart and made us proud with his thoughtful move. Don’t you think all of us should learn from this Paan wala in Banaras who wears a PPE kit?

Kudos to this shopkeeper for being so cautious about the situation at hand.

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