Addicted to coffee? These Coffee Brands from Pune have the right caffeine dose for you!

Be it a cup of strong black coffee, a little sweeter cappuccino, or the latest trend of Dalgonacoffee is an irreplaceable part of our lives, and we won’t have it any other way. But if you’re bored of the regular store-bought stuff and looking for something different, then check out these homegrown coffee labels straight from the Hills of Pune. Check out these Coffee Brands from Pune and get your shot of caffeine. 

1. Wabi-Sabi

Coffee Brands from Pune

If you’re looking for coffee in India, there are no better beans than the ones from the plantations in Karnataka. And that’s exactly where this brand sources it’s beans from. Hundred percent single-origin Arabica coffee beans are hand-picked and roasted to medium-dark to bring out the best flavour. You can opt for 100% Premium Arabica or The Madikeri Blends in either whole bean form or coarse ground. They also have a gift set with accessories to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Price: Rs 524 onwards
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2. Barrel Beans

Coffee Brands from Pune

The history of coffee in India can be traced back to the 17th century, and Chikmagalur in Karnataka is said to have the first coffee plantation. This brand sources the beans directly from the farmers, hand roasts them as per your taste so you can enjoy the perfect coffee every time. They offer 100% Arabica single-origin specialty coffee. And you can customize the roast, grind size as well as the processing of the coffee.

Price: Rs 400 onwards
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3. Indico Coffee

Coffee Brands from Pune

Another popular Coffee brand from Pune, Indico, also sources its beans from Chikmagalur and Coorg. The medium roasted Arabica beans are perfect for those who enjoy a light brew. They also offer coffee blends like Hazelnut and Mochaccino and instant coffee for quick fixes.

Price: Rs 300 onwards
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4. Trelish

Can a conversation over coffee be turned to a business venture? You bet it can. And that’s exactly how Trelish came to being. Homemade filter coffee, which was loved by co-founder Kavita Narayanan and her friend, soon became something they wanted to share with people across the country. The filter coffee comes in the form of a concentrate and can be prepared by mixing with milk and frothing traditionally. One box contains seven single serving sachets.

Price: Rs 90 for 1 box
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Do you know any other Coffee Brands from Pune? Let us know in the comments!

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