Varun Grover’s Karejwa will make you crave gulab jamun more than Pintoo

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Varun Grover’s Karejwa will make you crave gulab jamun more than Pintoo

Wasn't the world supposed to end in 2012? Or was it postponed to 21 June 2020? Well, either way, we are still here with no news of any upcoming apocalypse. But in Pintoo's world, the character from Varun Grover's Karejwa, the world is ending in exactly 30 minutes. 

Varun Grover’s Karejwa

So what does a family living in Varanasi do on their last day on earth? How do you prepare for the world to end? Well, for Pintoo's father, it was a mission to fulfill the last wish of everyone in his family. All Pinto wants is to have the last piece of Gulab Jamun.

After fulfilling his mother's wish of seeing her old classroom, and her father cooking the last meal of Khichdi for his family, it was time for Pintoo to get his Gulab Jamun. But, all of a sudden, Pintoo's grandma had an urge to see the Ganga, and Pintoo's gulab jamun got delayed.

Varun Grover’s Karejwa

Through the course of the comic, you'll see how the world is reacting to the apocalypse, which is following a countdown. From news anchors breaking down each point of how things will go down, to flashbacks taking you a couple of months back to show people's reaction. Also, don't miss out on the news ticker. It's filled with hilarious and snarky comments that will make your day. From taking a dig at the news anchors to the still ongoing battle between BJP and Congress, Varun manages to pack in hilarious one-liners in his comic without derailing from the storyline.

Varun Grover’s Karejwa

And if you're wondering, if Pintoo was able to get his gulab jamun before the world ended. you'll have to read the comic. The good news is, it is available for free here. All in all, Varun Grover’s Karejwa is a heartwarming comic, giving you a sneak peek into a child's world.

The comic is illustrated by Ankit Kapoor, and edited by Sumit Kumar, and you can read all BAKARMAX here.

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