Check out his Titanic mural in Banglore with Covid-19 twist

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Check out his Titanic mural in Banglore with Covid-19 twist

Wearing a mask and social distancing is the new normal during the COVID times. But what if the situations were similar back in the days. Let's see during the time Titanic sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean. How would Jack and Rose follow the protocols? Well, that exactly what this Banglore artist envisioned. Before giving his Titanic mural in Banglore with Covid-19 twist. 

Titanic mural in Banglore Covid-19 twist

In this mural the iconic scene from the movie is depicted, where the two protagonists should be standing together with their arms stretched across. But since Jack is someone who follows the rules, he is seen distancing himself from Rose, while she enjoys herself. And of course, both of them are wearing masks.

The artist behind this masterpiece is none other than Baadal Nanjundaswamy. And if you're having trouble recalling him, let us help you. He is the same artist who posted a video of pot-hole covered Banglore roads as the Moon. The video which showed a person dressed as an astronaut walking on the pot-holes went viral. And even got the BBMP authorities to fix the road in 24 hours

Titanic mural in Banglore Covid-19 twist

Apart from the Titanic mural in Banglore with the Covid-19 twist, the artist is also painting other illustrations with similar messages. From encouraging people to wash hands to pushing them to wear a mask. This artist has done it all. Check out these artworks!

Titanic mural in Banglore Covid-19 twist

We hope the artist succeeds in spreading across the message, and more and more people follow the protocol. And now that Unlocking has started and shops, eateries, and dining are coming back, it's even more important. In other news, the Karnataka government might impose a stricter lockdown post July 7.

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