This Mizoram shop without a shopkeeper is teaching us a lesson in trust

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This Mizoram shop without a shopkeeper is teaching us a lesson in trust

Living in the city, we are used to seeing an army of people inside shops, trying to manage a flock of customers. You can't even dream of leaving your shop unattended unless you want to get robbed, of course. But what about a place where you can trust people blindly? Well, Mizoram seems to be ahead in that game. On your way from Seling, you'll come across tons of Mizoram shop without a shopkeeper. And if you want to buy something, you simply pick the item and put the money in the donation box.

The concept is known as ‘Nghah Loh Dawr', which literally translates to Shop Without Shopkeepers. One such photo from Mizoram made a wave on Twitter. A street cart with fresh pineapple stood on the side on the highway with only a deposit box next to it.

If you look up Nghah Loh Dawr, you'll be flooded with pictures of solo stalls selling mostly fruits and vegetables. The tweet got a lot of attention, and the Twitterati were overwhelmed by the values of the community.

Here's what the Twitterati had to say about the Mizoram shop without a shopkeeper.

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