We have got your snacks and desserts sorted with easy-breezy bread recipes!

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Love bread? Want to cook some new recipes than just limited to a basic golden brown toasted bread with melted butter. What are you waiting for? Get that packet of bread out and start cooking!

1. Bread Pizza

What if you don't have a pizza base in lockdown. Don't worry, you can now make an equally amazing pizza using a slice of bread as your base. All that you require for this is present in your home kitchen. Want a snack? Start making!

Website: The Crazy Indian Foodie

2. Gulab Jamun

Oh My God! We can't even believe that our favorite dessert can be made at home with bread. The recipe to make gulab jamun is quite easy. If done right, you will indulge in eating some heavenly sweet piping hot Gulab Jamuns.

3. Bread Roll

Since our childhood, we are sure all of us have grown up eating Bread Rolls. It was the favorite snack for Tiffin boxes. Here is a little twist to the rudimentary bread rolls.

4. Bread Masala Idli

When you are bored of the suji or rice idlis, try making the bread masala idlis. The recipe below is very easy, and it only requires the basic Aloo masala filling.

5. Caramel Custard Pudding

This aesthetically pleasing wriggly dessert is always a fascination. Now, it looks like it is quite easy to make it with bread at home. Then what are you waiting for? Start making it at home right away.

6. Garlic Bread

This is the easiest of 'em all. Garlic bread can be ready in less than 10 minutes with a normal white bread and some basic ingredients available in your kitchen. One of them of course should be garlic.

Are you b-ready to get cooking with some bread recipes?

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