As Cyclone Nisarga Nears Mumbai, Here's how you can prepare yourself and ensure safety at home!

Jun 02, 2020 12:19 IST
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As Cyclone Nisarga Nears Mumbai, Here's how you can prepare yourself and ensure safety at home!

2020 has been quite a year. Even if we don't count the man-made disasters, a pandemic and a locust attack within a few weeks of each other are enough to tag this year as a disaster. But wait there's more. Now that things were finally starting to open up slowly, we are all set to be hit by a cyclone. Yes, we are talking about Nisarga, a cyclone that is running circles in the Arabian Sea and is about to hit the coast of Mumbai and Gujarat by June 3. Charging towards the land at a speed of 11 km/hrs, the actual speed of the winds can be around 125 km/h. Better keep the windows closed. Although it seems scary, you don't need to panic but be prepared. And we are here to tell you how to prepare for cyclone Nisarga.



  • Repair loose doors or windows, and make sure you're able to shut them properly.
  • Tie up loose things outside the house or move them indoors.
  • Keep battery-operated torches and dry cell handy.
  • Keep important documents sealed in plastic bags.
  • Check official information on Radio or Television.
  • Keep a first aid kid handy
  • Charge Mobile Phones, Power Banks, and Laptops.

  • Keep an eye on the official Twitter handles for the latest updates of the cyclone.
  • Do not believe in rumours passed on via Whatsapp, or any other social media platform. Always confirm the news from verified sources.
  • If you're living in a low lying area with more chance of flooding, move to safe shelters on high grounds.
  • Stay away from the window.
  • Keep some windows closed and some slightly open to maintain air pressure.

how to prepare for cyclone Nisarga


  • Keep extra non-perishable food and store drinking water in covered vessels.
  • Keep old towels handy, to soak rainwater if it enters the house.
  • If the centre of the cyclone is passing directly over your house there will be a pause in the wind and rain would last for half an hour or so. During this time do not go out; because immediately after that, very strong winds will blow from the opposite direction.
  • Keep non-emergency equipment and tools disconnected.
  • If you notice spark from electrical equipment disconnect it from the power supply and contact an electrician.

how to prepare for cyclone Nisarga


  • In case you need to evacuate pack essentials for yourself and your family to last a few days. These should include medicines, special food for babies and children or elders.
  • When stepping out after cyclone has passes beware of any loose and dangling wires from lamp posts.
  • Don't attempt to drive during the cyclone.

Dial 1916 and Press 4 for any cyclone related query or concern.

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