This app by a Mumbai resident helps rescue stray animals in real-time

What if someday you’re casually walking in your neighbourhood and come across an injured puppy who is crying for help. If you’re not a seasoned animal rescuer, you might not have the knowledge or resources to help the poor fellow. And for Mumbai resident Yash, this is how things got started. After he rescued a dog who had met with an accident, Yash realized why it was difficult to get immediate help. And that’s where the idea of Let it Wag come from.

Let it Wag

How it works

The app brings together experts – in this case, animal rescuers and volunteers – and layman on the same platform. And if the latter comes across a stray in need, they can quickly get on the app and get the right help from volunteers in that area.

Let it Wag screenshot

Launched in 2017, the app has helped save countless animals, and they are not looking to stop anytime soon. Now they provide adoption facilities, pet walkers and also raise funds using Let It Wag. It is a one-stop solution for all rescue and rehabilitation problems!

Founder of the platform, Yash Sheth is proud of the work and hopes it take it to the next level. He says, “It was started as a platform for all pet/animal related information to generate timely response through a network of samaritans. Today we are accessible in every city in India and with more internet access, we are hopeful to bring all stakeholders under a single platform for all animals.”

Let it Wag goes International

The founder feels that an app like this can be used to help animals better during an emergency situation. He explains, “Take the example of Australia bushfires. Where an app like this could help rescuers call for immediate help where they spot injured animals from local residents/rescue workers within seconds. We are facing the greatest threats of animal deaths from climatic and human actions and it is our duty to bring a service that doesn’t cost anything to help an animal across the globe.”

The app will soon be launching in seven more countries including Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Vietnam and the UK.

You can check out the more about the platform here.

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