Om Foundation is not only feeding strays but also keeping them safe

Apart from being overpopulated by humans, our streets are also occupied by a number of strays. From dogs, cats to sometimes even stray cows, Indian roads have seen everything. But despite being feral, these stray animals struggle to survive. Hunting for food in a concrete jungle is next to impossible, hence dumpsters become buffets. And while threading through the busy traffic, many often lose their lives. To make sure stray animals don’t lose their lives on-road or starve to death, Mumbai based Om Foundation is taking steps to help them.

Founder of Om Foundation, Brij Bhanushali has been helping the strays survive by feeding them on a regular basis. To make sure all dogs and cats on the streets are fed well, Brij makes two feeding trips.

What once started as a small initiative in his neighbourhood, Brij now feeds about 175 cats and dogs daily.

But it wasn’t so easy in the beginning. Although he loved the dogs, he didn’t understand them enough and has even got bitten.

“At that time, I did not know how to handle the dogs & therefore, I faced them. But now I can understand their language properly. Always remember one thing that no animal will attack you unless & until you pose as a threat to them.”

Now, he not only feeds them but also keeps medicine handy, in case any animal needs first aid.

Om Foundation was one of the first to put neon collars on stray dogs, making sure they stay safe at nights and are not crushed by vehicles.

Donate to help

Even during the lockdown, he continues feeding strays and rescues injured animals back to health. And with your help, you would be able to help them at a much larger capacity.
You can donate to Om Foundation here.

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