Warmth like no other, Come Taste the Local Chai of India!

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Warmth like no other, Come Taste the Local Chai of India!

Necessi-TEA? Yes, Chai is a necessity in India. Chai is more than just a cup of thick sweet drink to kick start the day. It is a glass full of emotions. From sipping it at home to a luxury hotel or at that roadside Chaiwallah. For Chai lovers, it is an integral part of their life. Isn't it? India is home to varieties of Chai, all brewed and served distinctly. Enlisted below are the varieties of Local Chai of India.

1. Masala Chai


The most famous tea prepared all over India is Masala Chai. It has a creamy texture infused with aromatic Indian spices like green cardamoms, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, peppercorn, and nutmeg. Do you love basics? Then have Masala Chai and to rejoice it to the fullest, sip it in a Kulhad (earthen pot).

2. Bombay Cutting Chai


This cup of Chai comes straight out of the streets of Aamchi Mumbai. Cutting Chai typically means 'half cup of chai', but this half cup is enough to refresh you. A cutting Chai can be your buddy at any time, early morning before catching that local train with Vada Pav or while sitting at Marine Drive in wee hours.

3. Kashmiri Kahwa


A classic Kashmiri Kahwa is an amalgamation of all things rich. The Green Tea is an infusion with saffron, pistachios, and dried fruits. The best time to delight on Kahwa is brunch hours.

4. Sulaimani Chai


Sulaimani Chai is also famous as ‘Ghava’ or ‘Kattan Chaya’. The perfect Sulaimani, is brewed to a pure golden color with the infusion of Black Tea leaves and black pepper and is served with dates. This beverage is an origin from the Southern Malabar Coast of India.

5. Tandoori Chai


Tandoori Chai finds its roots in Pune. This Chai is a twist to the basic Masala Chai. It has a very quirky preparation style, half-cooked Tea is poured in a pre-heated Kulhad. It brews itself eventually in Kulhad. If you love Chai in any and every form, Tandoori Chai is here to please your taste buds and is perfect for a monsoon treat.

6. Lebu Cha


In simple language, it is India's 'desi' lemon tea, loved by the folks of West Bengal. North has tea sellers with kettles full of Masala Chai, the same way in West Bengal you will find Lebu Cha to treat you. It has a very pleasant and comforting taste. A medley of salty-sweet-tangy taste!

7. Ronga Saah


A tea, red in color? Yes, Ronga Saah is red-colored tea and is traditionally prepared without milk. This tea originated from Assam and the Assamese seem to love it beyond measures. The tea leaves to prepare Ronga Saah are different, locally found in Assam. On your trip to Assam, tickle your taste palate with Ronga Saah.

8. Butter Tea


In Ladakhi language it is known as 'gur gur cha'. It is one of the staple drinks of people living in the Himalayan region of India. Brewing requires Yak butter and salt. Drink when it is sizzling hot.

9. Irani Chai


This tea comes all the way from Hyderabad and has a very unique ingredient added to it. It has a very creamy texture. While brewing it, Mawa or Khoya is added along with the Black Tea leaves.

10. Noon Chai


A traditional tea from the land of Kashmir, also known as Sheer Chai or Pink Chai. While preparing gunpowder tea, milk, and baking soda are used. This fancy pink color tea has a very distinct taste to it. The magical aroma of cardamom, saffron, and a nutty crunch is felt when it comes your way.

Local Chai of India is like heaven on Earth. If you think any Chai from India is missing from the list. Comment below. Also, what is your favorite Chai?

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