Vocal For Local: Check out these local memes trending on Twitter after PM Modi’s speech

Every time there’s an announcement of PM Modi coming live on TV at 8 pm, anticipation sets in (no, we are not over the demonetization announcement yet). And whereas, for the previous some live speeches, Modi Ji left us with some tasks. Although, this time he left us with a hashtag, which was turned to memes, thanks to the Twitterattis, and this hashtag is quite close to Local Samosa. During the speech, PM Modi did talk about Atmanirbharta, we were more impressed by another catchphrase – Vocal For Local. Here are some of the hilarious memes and tweets on the same.

1. Vocal For Local ft. Hera Pheri

2. Samsung to Satsang

3. Just what the doctor ordered

4. Even Poo is going Local

5. Dalgona what?

6. Now it’s time for some garba

7. Circuit knows what’s up

8. Where did he come from?

9. Vocal For Local ft Patanjali

10. Craving vada pav already

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