Feeling the heat? Here are some summer cooler recipes to help you cool down

May 04, 2020 08:15 IST
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Feeling the heat? Here are some summer cooler recipes to help you cool down

Come May, temperatures are soaring, shorts and tees are our everyday wardrobe, and cold water is stocked in the fridge. And this year, it's extra harsh. Not being able to go out and get some fresh breeze is definitely getting to us. But worry not, we found some easy summer cooler recipes to help you cool down.

Watermelon & Basil Mary

summer cooler recipes

By Nilesh Patel, Beverage Head (West), Impresario Handmade Restaurants


Ingredients Qty
Watermelon Juice 120 ml
Basil Leaves 6-8
Tabasco 3-4 dash
Worcestershire Sauce 3-4 dash
Fresh lime juice 20 ml
Sugar syrup 10 ml
Freshly crushed pepper and salt To taste


  • Muddle Basil leaves along with Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, fresh lime juice and sugar syrup till you get a whiff of the basil. 

  • Fill the glass with ice and add the watermelon juice. One can also rim the glass with salt (optional)

  • Finish the drink with freshly crushed black pepper and salt. 

  • Give it a stir and enjoy the drink.

Strawberry Summer Blast

summer cooler recipes

By  Mr. Prashant Chaudhry, F&B AGM, Smaaaash Entertainment


Ingredients Qty
Strawberry Icecream 2 scoops
Banana 2
Milk 1/2 cup
Strawberry Crush as per taste


  • Mix all ingredients in the grinder

  • Add ice and spin again in grinder

  • Add a fresh strawberry to garnish


summer cooler recipes

by Vaibhav Bhargava, Executive Chef at Mic drop


Ingredients Qty
Oranges wedge 1
Orange juice 200 ml
Mint leaves 10 g
Basil leaves 10 g
lemon juice 30 ml
Brown Sugar 15 g
Ginger 10 g
Chaat Masala 2 g
Roasted Jeera Powder 2 g
Soda 150 ml
Salt to taste


  • Peel oranges, remove white threads and seeds

  • Take orange wedges and keep aside and mint leaves cleaned and kept

  • Take out the fresh juice from oranges from the juicer grinder

  • In a shaker, muddle ginger, basil leaf, mint leaf, sugar, with a wooden muddled

  • To it add lemon juice, jeera powder, chat masala and salt. Add soda and adjust consistency and spices as per your taste.

  • Strain the drink and then add some orange chunks, mint leaf and lemon wedges in a glass with ice and pour the strained drink over it

  • Garnish with mint and orange wedge

  • Serve chilled

Virgin Margarita

For representational purpose. Source

by Chef Deepak Bisht, Head Chef- Cayenne


Ingredients Qty
Lemonade 1/2 cup
Lemon flavoured red Dasani Sparkling Water 1/4 cup
Lime flavoured d Dasani Sparkling Water 1/4 cup
Orange Juice 1/4 cup


  • For the summer cooler recipes, pour lemonade, lemon Dasani sparkling water, lime Dasani Sparkling water and orange juice into a pitcher and mix.

  • Rim glass with salt if desired by turning glass upside down and dipping it into water then salt.

  • Fill glass 2/3 full with ice, then pour the margarita over the top.

  • Garnish with lime.

Jeera Kheera Lemonade

summer cooler recipes

By Culinary Head, Mr. Souvik Gupta, LOFT


Ingredients Qty
Cucumber Puree/syrup 10 g
Lemon Masala 1 tbsp
Sprite 150 ml
Mint leaves 2-3
Lemon Wedges 1


  • Add fresh cucumber puree or syrup in a glass

  • Add in a dash of Lemonade masala/ chat masala

  • Mix these well

  • Fill in the glass with ice cubes and add in a sprite

  • Give the drink a stir and garnish with lemon wedges and mint leaves

  • Best served when cold

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