Not With Your Mom This Mother's Day? Surprise Her with these fun virtual activities

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Not With Your Mom This Mother's Day? Surprise Her with these fun virtual activities

The lockdown started just after Holi, and we've already reached Mother's Day. These two months have been tough, but that's no excuse to miss out on mother's day celebrations. Be it dusting off the dirt from our clothes when we were kids, fighting over finishing our veggies, or giving us the strength to fight through tough times. Moms have always been there for us. And if you're stuck away from home and still want to make most of this day, we found you some interesting virtual mother's day activities.

Virtual Party

virtual mother's day activities

It's the time of video calls and nothing better than organizing a virtual party for your mom. Plan it out with your siblings or close family members and give a surprise video call to your mom. Prepare some cake for yourself, and ask your dad (or anyone who is with your mom) to surprise her with a cake as well! If baking a whole cake, looks like a tedious task, try Mug cakes. They are easy to make and would be enough to make her smile. This would be one of the best virtual mother's day activities.

Watch a movie


Is your mom a movie buff? Did you go out every weekend to catch the latest release? Well, turn the day into a binge-watching movie day. Get an OTT subscription and watch the same film together while staying on a video call. Comment on the shitty song or cry your heart out when the emotional scene comes on. Fair Warning: Do not watch Baghban.

Video Message


If your mom is old school and not a fan of a video call, then you can show your love in other ways. How about a cute video message. Get along with your sibling and express your love for your mom in the most creative way possible. Show off your bathroom singing skills, or prepare a dance routine. PS: You could take inspiration from ">Monica and Ross (or not).

Cook along

virtual mother's day activities

Is your mom an amazing cook, and you want to learn the basics? Or you finally succeeded with the 135th kitchen experiment and want to share it with your mom. Either way, cooking is one of the best ways to bond. Mount your phone on a shelf and follow along with your mother. Your dishes might end up tasting different (did you add sugar instead of salt?), but the love in both will be the same.

Photobook/video collage

virtual mother's day activities

Have some old home videos? Maybe some pictures of your school days, annoying your sibling? Well, now is the time to pack them all up into a beautiful photo album (digital, of course) or a cute little video to remember the good 'ol days. We are sure your mom won't be expecting this.

Virtual Games

virtual mother's day activities

Were game nights a tradition at your house? Playing cards during Diwali or the impromptu ludo on the weekend? Well, thanks to technology, you don't need to be in the same room to play these. Make the game more interesting, and invite the entire family.

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