Lockdown 3.0: Know about the new lockdown guidelines and restrictions in each zone

The lockdown has been extended yet again till 17 May, but this time some guidelines have been diluted. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has categorized each district into red, orange, and green zones, and different levels of activities are allowed in each zone. The 733 districts of India have been broadly divided into Red Zones, Orange Zones and Green Zones. The zone classification determines the kind of restrictions placed on the movement of people and the supply of goods in a district.

new lockdown guidelines

Decoding the zones

Red Zone: Districts are marked as a red zone based on the total number of active cases, doubling rate of confirmed cases, the extent of testing, and surveillance feedback.

Green Zone: District with zero confirmed case or no confirmed case in the last 21 days falls in the green zone.

Orange Zone: Districts that don’t fall under red or green zones will be considered an orange zone.

Revised Activity Guidelines

Quit few previously restricted activities got a green light in the new lockdown guidelines. Although, train, metro, inter-state road movement, educational institute, multiplex, malls and religious gathering are still prohibited despite the zones. Movement of individuals between 7 pm and 7 am is also prohibited.

You must already know that liquor stores are open in all zones (except contaminated areas), here are other activities permitted in different zones.

Barber Shops, SpaYesYesNo
Medical Clinic, OPDYesYesYes
Auto, TaxiDiver + 1Diver + 1No
4 WheelerDiver + 2Diver + 2Diver + 2
2 WheelerRider + 1Rider + 1Only Rider
Inter-district buses50% 50%No
Urban stand-alone
non-essential shops
E-commerce (essential goods)YesYesYes
Private and Govt (non-core)YesYes33%
Agri activitiesYesYesYes
Banking and FinancesYesYesYes
Courier and postal YesYesYes
Goods trafficYesYesYes
Urban industriesYesYesYes


Know your Zone

All 733 districts have been categorised into zones which are dynamic and will be revised every week. 

Green Zone

new lockdown guidelines

Orange Zone

new lockdown guidelines

Red Zone

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