A group of volunteers from Angel Xpress Foundation, are helping families survive the pandemic

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A group of volunteers from Angel Xpress Foundation, are helping families survive the pandemic

Mumbai has a place for all kinds of people. Be it the ultra-rich Bollywood stars, or the slum dwellers and immigrant labours who survive on per day income. But with this pandemic, it has become impossible for the latter half to fend for themselves. And during these tough times, it's the volunteers from Angel Xpress Foundation who are coming forward to help.

Angel Xpress Foundation

Working towards the education of the underprivileged kids, 700 odd volunteers from the city have been teaching children from slum at 20 free learning center. But due to the lockdown, the NGO had to temporarily close the centers. Although, they are still in touch with the students regularly.

But the volunteers realized the children who are here with their migrant parents are barely able to get proper meals. The situation is so dire, that even some older kids were looking for jobs in the middle of a pandemic.

As the news spread to other volunteers, they soon sprang to action. And ensuring that every student's family situation was looked into.

Angel Xpress Foundation

The volunteers have pooled resources and also raised funds to make sure that these families receive the basic ration. And till now, the Angel Xpress Foundation has raised 27 lakh.

Angel Xpress Foundation

Thanks to the ongoing relief work, the students don't need to worry about the next meal every day. And can focus on their education.

Want to help a family survive the lockdown, you can donate to Angel Xpress Foundation here.

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