These dancers from Mumbai are making India Proud Internationally.

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These dancers from Mumbai are making India Proud Internationally.

From Bharatnatyam, Kathak to Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, and Odissi. India has a rich dance culture. So much so that almost every state has it's own traditional dance form. And with talented folks around, the country gets enough representation on the world stage. On International dance day, we look at a few dancers from Mumbai who made it big on the world stage.

Kings United

One of the well-known dance groups from Mumbai, Kings United has participated in a whole lot of dance competition - local, national as well as international. What started as a passion project by Vernon Monteiro and Suresh Mukund back in 2008 went on to win NBC’s World of Dance competition. The crew is now busy passing on the knowledge to fellow dance enthusiasts. They also have a special initiative called Kings Junior, focusing on bringing up the next generation of Kings.

V Unbeatable

Another dance crew from Mumbai, V Unbeatable gained fame at home from their participation in Dance Plus 4. Although they were just shy of the winner's title, the crew managed to keep their morals up. They were next seen on the international stage - America's Got talent and managed to stay in the game till the top 5. But that wasn't enough for the 28 dancers from Mumbai. Their next participation in America's Got Talent: The Champion got them the much-deserved win.

Desi Hoppers

This seven-member dance crew from Mumbai has lit stages on fire from the get-go. In their first try itself, Desi Hoppers clinched the title at the World of Dance Championships in Los Angeles back in 2015. They tried their luck again 2018 at World Of Dance but didn't manage to get to the top. Fun Fact: They were the first dance group to represent India on such a huge platform. Well, you might recognize Shantanu Maheshwari from pop series D3 right?

Elvis Mascarenhas and Namrata Wittke

Although desi hip-hoppers are taking the world by storm, we are not far behind in Salsa either. The duo from Mumbai took a leap of faith and went all-in for The World Salsa Summit in 2018. And they managed to clinch gold! Feeling Proud!


One of the most popular dancing groups from Mumbai, MJ5 gained popularity because of its unique style and of the course moonwalk. They became quite popular, thanks to a dance reality show India’s Dancing Superstar, which they ended up winning. Following their signature style, they also hold the world record for the most variations of moonwalks- 16 in total!

Vaishali Sagar

A well-known choreographer from Mumbai, Vaishali Sagar made us all proud when she won the Istanbul Dance Competition in 2019. One of the biggest folk dance competitions in the world, Vaishali managed to wow the judges with her graceful moves and skilled choreography. Earlier she had also represented the country in Federation of International Dance Festival in South Korea and has put Indian folk dance on the world map.

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