Ramadan Special: Here are some mouthwatering Iftar recipes you can whip up

The holy month of Ramadan is here and despite the lockdown, you can celebrate the festival with people at home. The empty streets near Jama Masjid and Mohamad Ali Road are sure sad to see, but it’s the devotion that counts. Food is an important part of all Indian festivals. As everyone patiently waits for the sun to set and iftar to be served, here are some lip-smacking iftar recipes you can try this Ramadan.

iftar recipes

Gur ka Sharbat Recipe

Build up your appetite with a light drink, and this gur ka sharbat is perfect for that. With just three ingredients – Gur (jaggery), lemon juice, and sabja (basil seeds), this is the best drink to start your meal with. Check out the recipe by Zulekha Arafat.

Suji ke crispy Fingers

Looking for some easy and quick snack? Check out Suji Fingers you can whip up quickly. YouTuber Sana explains an easy way to make this recipe and enjoy it with your family. Easy? Checked. Tasty? Checked.

Chicken cheese balls recipe

Festive foods are evolving everywhere, and there’s fun in trying out a new recipe, especially if one of the ingredients is cheese. Don’t you agree? Hyderabad based food blogger shows us how to make this tasty treat. Watch out for the melty cheese!

Keema Samosa 

If you’re looking for Keema Samosa, there’s nothing better than the good ‘ol Samosa. Stuffed with a tasty chicken keema filling and wrapped in a crispy shell, there is no way you can go wrong with these. Food blogger Naziya Khan shares some tips and tricks for a perfect samosa.

Mutton Haleem

Made from mixed pulses, Haleem is a rich mutton preparation, and this piping hot soup is a must-have for Ramadan. Jahan Ara shares this delicious Iftar recipe.

Chicken keema masala

Now for some hearty main course, nothing can beat the good ‘ol chicken keema masala. Serve it with pav, or naan, you’ll end your meal my licking your fingers. Check one of the tastiest iftar recipes by UP based food blogger Azma.

Nalli Nihari

One of the most traditional Ramadan food, you’ll discover Nalli Nihari exclusively made during this festival. Cooked in a medley of spices, the meat is tender and juicy, but it’s the bone marrow that makes this dish special and delicious.


It’s time for something sweet and what could be better than a bowl of Phirni. With just six ingredients, food blogger Aiesha whips up a perfect mouthwatering Phirni.

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