Bored at home? Try these 5 Quarantine workouts with kids

Coronavirus emergency has resulted in a lockdown, closing various businesses, offices, colleges, schools. And we must follow the protocols to help contain the spread. While staying at home is recommended, it may become challenging for parents to manage the disrupted routines, work, and their kids altogether. The World Health Organization has stressed on the importance of exercising during this time to stay active and keep your mind and spirit high. Physical activities ensure good sleep and overall good health. So indulge in-home workouts with kids that will help to maintain better heart health, muscle strength, flexibility, and better mental health too.

Here are 5 basic exercises for your next workouts with kids session:

Note: Each exercise will be in a repetition of 10 and we will be doing it in sets of 3.

  1. Squats: The setup for Squats is incredibly simple. You have to stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than your hips. Point your toes outwards. Keep your shoulder in line, and now go down without bending your back or looking down. Come up to the base position and repeat it 10 times and 3 sets.
  2. Backward lunges: The position and form to be followed for backward lunges are similar to squats. Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart; you can get them a bit closer in this exercise. Make sure you don’t bend your back and don’t push your left knee ahead. Take a larger step backward and push your lower body towards the floor. Both your legs should bend at a 90-degree angle, now rise back and repeat 30 times for each leg.
    Most noteworthy, don’t forget to keep clean and sanitize
  3. Jumping squats: This exercise is similar to squats but a bit high intensity. Take the squat start position, now hinge at the hips to push your butt back and lower down until you are parallel to the ground. Press your feet down to launch as high as you can, land slow else your knee may get hurt. Drop back to a squat position and jump again.
  4. High knee: This is another high-intensity workout, which is very good for cardiovascular strength and overall body workout. Stick to 3 sets, 30 seconds each not more than that at a time. Stand up straight and place your feet about hip-width apart. Now place your hands’ palms down facing the floor, hovering just above your belly button. Lift your knee to touch your hand and hop immediately to another leg. Make sure to lift your knee to the waist. It is easy; you can increase the speed gradually, do it faster at the end and then relax and repeat.
  5. Burpees: It is an overall body workout. Start in a squat position, with your knees bent, back straight and feet apart. Now go down to the floor and do push up or else just lay down on the ground (depending on how much strength you have in your hands) keeping your legs together. Jump back to the normal position and remember to land softly and do another repetition.

So whip out that yoga mat and get enjoy these workouts with kids. Make sure you keep your hands clean. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

The article is written by Dr. Tejal Kanwar, Founder Kleinetics  

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