Keep your body fit with these easy exercises at home!

As the country is going through turmoil due to the pandemic COVID-19, all non-essential services, including gyms and fitness centers are locked-down. As a result of which, fitness enthusiasts are stuck at home and are unable to work out properly. And to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to work-out regularly. We all know that exercising is a way of supporting your immune system to better fight diseases in the first place. Here are a few easy exercises at home you can do during the self-isolation period.


A squat helps you build strength and keep you fit. The squat is an energetic strength training work out that needs several muscles in your upper and lower body to work together at the same time. Many of these muscles assist power you through everyday tasks such as walking, bending, climbing, stairs or carrying heavy loads. To increase your intensity with bodyweight, follow the principle of time under tension, by decreasing your tempo. Variation of squats that can be performed at home are Traditional squats, Sumo squats, and Goblet Squats. 

Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Crunch


A push-up is a callisthenics exercise starting from the lying on your front position. Pushups are a rapid and effective exercise for building strength. They can be done nearly anywhere and it does not even require any equipment. It is performed in various ways with various benefits, like Traditional pushups that improve your upper body strength, Diamond pushups that activate your tricep muscle, and Declined Push-
ups that activate your shoulder (Front deltoids) and upper chest (Pectoral minor). 



The plank is an isometric core vigour work out; it involves maintaining a
position similar to a push-up for the utmost probable time. Plank boosts your metabolism, proves to be phenomenal for your lower back (lumbar) and helps maintain a proper posture of your body. There are various types of planks such as Traditional planks, side planks, and Single leg planks. It might look easy but it’s one of the most challenging exercises at home.

Keep equipment at hand

Fitness junkies can keep some home equipment for home work out like a set of dumbbells weighing according to their need, Resistance band, pilates, yoga mat, and cycle. These pieces of equipment are under one’s budget.  Exercise causes changes in your body’s white blood cells (WBC) and antibodies. WBCs are considered to be the body’s immune system cells that fight against all types of diseases. Due to exercising these antibodies or WBCs circulate more quickly, and notice illnesses earlier than before.

The article is authored by Mr. Prateek Sood, Director- Grand Slam Fitness

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