Meet Ritu Rathee, a Pilot, YouTuber, an Instagram influencer, and a Mom, managing life like a boss!

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Ritu Rathee

Meet Ritu Rathee, who despite being good in studies, didn't choose a desk job. And after finding her passion for flying, Ritu Rathee did not look back. Now a pilot, one of the most popular travel bloggers, an Instagram influencer and a mother, Ritu Rathee is juggling multiple roles with ease. Here's a sneak peek into her awesome life. PS: Look out for some travel destination recommendations.

Ritu Rathee

Your journey started with being a pilot, how and what inspired you to pursue this field.

I was very good at studies especially in maths and physics, but I was never a desk job person. I always wanted to explore new things, to visit many places. So I ended up with flying training, and this turned out to be my passion. 

You are mostly known for your YouTube channel. What made you and your husband Gaurav Taneja start Flying Beast?

We never thought about doing it, we were a happily married couple. But Gaurav use to post videos on fitness, use to come live on Facebook and it worked pretty well. We got many suggestions to start a youtube channel. So Gaurav started a channel named Fitmuscle TV where he used to make vlogs based on the scientific contents on fitness, bodybuilding. Then gradually we use to make vlogs but as the channel was centred to fitness. We had a very selective audience. This led to starting a channel named Flying beast for vlogging.

Ritu Rathee

Now you’re not just a pilot and a YouTuber but also an Instagram personality and a mother. How does Ritu Rathee juggle between all the roles?

Aahhhh, if we love our job, types do not matter, and I find myself to execute so many different roles. I don't find any extra burden on me when it comes to YouTube vlogs as Gaurav does everything. From shoot to editing them and posting them. Flying is my passion so it makes me happy and joyful, but being a manager for Gaurav means a lot. There are many challenges to make his schedules proper and easy going. I am very lucky and a proud mother so this is it. Basically I plan and schedule every task.

Social Media is a tricky business, do you stress about your Instagram post or YouTube video, when to schedule them?

Yes, Social Media is tricky, but I don't stress out too much. The tough time comes when there is a big-time gap between two posts. But I try to schedule things, and everything goes with the flow.

What is the best part of being a pilot?

I love to fly aircraft, flying in the sky, landing the aircraft, having a watch on the weather. Every flight have different challenges and I love to take up those challenges, and I love my profession

You’ve seen a lot of places in India as well as outside, what are your top three spots to visit?

I am a person who loves to spend time in nature rather than roaming inside man-made structures. I do like foreign destinations, but the scenic beauty is something that attracts me. Maldives, Kashmir, North East Part of India are my favourites.

You recently met Barack Obama as well, how was the experience?

The experience can not be expressed in words. We rarely see a person so down to earth, so humble, and to be at his position. I wonder how he manages everything with a smile on his face. 

Ritu Rathee

Do you ever contemplate becoming a full-time YouTuber/Instagram influencer?

No, I never contemplate being a full-time influencer. Flying is my passion I might reduce my flying hours but will follow my passion.

Can you give us a little sneak peek about your native place?

I belong to a village named Nindana in Haryana. But I was born and brought up in Gurgaon, we do visit our natives very often.

You spent your college days in Delhi. What about the city do you like the most?

Kahawat hai Dilwalon ki Delhi. I love the apnapan, Delhi ki halchal.

What was your favourite food joints in Delhi?

I am not too foodie. But yes wandering in the lanes of Chandni Chowk and having those Parathas, Gol Gappa and the street food, makes me happy.

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What are the top three destinations you would suggest people visit?

Kashmir, Maldives and Arunachal Pradesh


What Indian destinations are still on your bucket list?

There is a lot on our list, we are on our toes to promote Indian Tourism. Indian is so unexplored there are so many places to visit in India. We have explored Arunachal Pradesh, Assam. And now we are about to explore Tripura, and soon we would be in Madhya Pradesh.

Tell us one thing you would love your daughter to learn from you.

To be strong, wise enough but at the same time to be a good human being. It is very important not to lose your internal voice. She should never forget the love for the society or the people while racing for progress. I just want her to stay kind and be a very smart girl.

Any plans?

To work hard, to stay consistent and to promote Indian domestic tourism, and to let people know that there are many unexplored places in India.

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