Check out this all-women team running a successful outlet at KFC Darjeeling!

Did you know one of the most popular fast-food franchise in India has one outlet that has an all-women crew? Yes, you read it right! KFC is working towards providing opportunities to women in the workforce, and prove they are no less and can have a career in the sector that are male-dominated. KFC is not only encouraging women participation in the boardroom but also their restaurant. KFC Darjeeling is winning hearts for its initiative.

KFC Darjeeling

One of the shining examples of the aforementioned is the KFC’s branch in Darjeeling. Running on an all women’s team since December 2013, this branch now has a team of 15 women.

KFC Darjeeling

One such success story from this outlet is of Uma, who joined as a team member, and now she has been promoted to the Restaurant manager.
The KFC Darjeeling branch also has women delivery riders, who are delivering food as efficiently as anyone else.

Don’t you agree, why should boys have all the fun?

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