Bottoms up: Participate and win Beluga’s bartending program and get a chance to work at some of the world’s best bar!

Russian vodka brand – Beluga, is all set to host its annual International Beluga’s Bartending program titled Beluga Signature. It is a great opportunity for bartenders to up their game, and this program will be attended by bartenders from various countries including Russia, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, and India. 

One of the best bartenders from each country will fly to Saint Petersburg later this year for the competition. The entry theme for this year is Balance. Hence, the bartenders would have to whip up concussions which is a middle ground between two elements. It could be a balance between sweet and salty, east or west, or fire or water. 

Beluga’s bartending

A grueling four-round competition, the program starts with the hunt for the best local bartenders. The selected few move on to the next round where their creativity is tested. Beat your fellow competitors, and you’ll make your way to the local finalist. From here, the best from the country will be chosen for the next round. These rounds will take place in each of the seven countries. And only one from each gets to represent their country in the final round.

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If you manage to win against six other top bartenders at Beluga’s bartending program, you could receive a one-week internship in one of the 50 World’s Best Bars upon one’s choice.

Apart from the competition, Beluga Signature Bartender School is also hosting pop-ups in each country. They aim to educate and share topical knowledge with the bartending community.

Are you thinking about participating? Then upload the recipe of your Balanced cocktail here by 3rd March, and maybe you win the internship.




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