Get ready for Pancakes ride in Mumbai and satisfy your sweet cravings!

Breakfast date?Pancakes. Brunch?Pancakes. Dinner Dessert?Pancakes. Pancakes are one of the sweetest desserts that just pops in our mind for light and hearty breakfast or to savor some not so regular desserts. Perfectly baked cakes drenched in Nutella or maple syrup sprinkled with icing sugar that instantly melts in your mouth makes the dessert tastier. Just the thought of a plate full of fluffy soft pancakes makes your mouth watery? Then let’s not make you wait, here’s a list of places to visit when craving Pancakes in Mumbai.

99 Pancakes

What’s in a name? Everything! quite literally. 99 Pancakes serve pancakes stands out for their different size and flavor. With about 30 different styles on the menu, try their Red Riding Hood made with fresh strawberry compote with whipped cream, chip sprinkles, and Nutella. Take a bite and fall in love with an explosion of melting morsels.

Where: Multiple Outlets

Price: INR 200

Chocolate Heaven

This place has a name for a reason! ‘Light, fluffy and flavorful pancakes, so good they will make you smile with each bite’. It is a heaven for all who crave desserts. So, visit this place to gorge on some melting chocolaty pancakes. For those whose love for chocolate and pancakes knows no bounds, try their Hot-N-Troppo pancakes.

Where: Multiple Outlets

Price: INR 280

Tea Villa Cafe

Pancake is the ultimate comfort food that everyone loves. Try the Dutch pancake served here and fall in love with chocolate all over again. Choose your desired flavor and make your treat even more delicious. Don’t wait to put yummy food in your tummy.

Where: Multiple outlets

Price: INR 250

Jam Jar Dinner

Are you worried about the extra calories you will gain by eating chocolate? Don’t think much and head to Jam Jar Dinner for some healthy pancakes. Perfect for your breakfast date, the Nutella and Banana pancake will take care of your calories while treating your taste buds.

Where: Hill Road, Bandra West

Price: INR 360

The Pancake Story

Creating memories while munching on some scrumptious pancakes is the best way to catch-up. Indulge in the magic of this sinful dessert at the pancake story. They serve fluffy, soft pancakes, and will make you crave more and want you to come back again.

Where: Multiple outlets

Price: INR 180

Smokehouse Deli

Pancakes in Mumbai

Indulge yourself in one of the softest pancakes found in Mumbai. Choose your favorite toppings from chocolate chips, hazelnut, walnuts or almonds, and make your dessert your favorite meal. We won’t say more, just hurry before you start feeling FOMO on these fluffy desserts.

Where: First International Financial Centre, BKC, Bandra East

Price: INR 310

Salt Water Cafe

Pancakes in Mumbai

One can never have enough of pancakes, not when they are so mouth-watering and delicious. Binge-eat the banana and chocolate chip with the walnut pancake. What more do you need when you have a plate full of a healthy and finger-licking treat.

Where: Near Mount Carmel Church, Bandstand, Bandra West

Price: INR 320

The Nutcracker

Pancakes in Mumbai

Looking for something loaded with chunks of chocolate and butter? Look no more. It’s time to hog on some luscious sweet Belgian Chocolate Chip pancake with oodles of Nutella syrup. Just what you were looking for.

Where: Opposite One Forbes Building, Kala Ghoda, Fort

Price: INR 450

Leaping Windows

Pancakes in Mumbai

Read books, create Instagram-perfect feed pictures or just hog on the delicious food served here. Leaping Windows is a total package. The ambiance is chill, and the aroma of the desserts is enough to make you order dozens of them. We suggest the Banana Caramel pancake while you visit here to treat yourself.

Where: Opp. Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri

Price: INR 280


Pancakes no doubt is supposed to be soft and fluffy, but if you like them a little crispy, then Social does the justice. The crowd favorite is the caramel perfect pancakes served in the morning with some healthy salads. Let us tell you a secret, the Blueberry Pancakes is a hidden gem, and it’s the best option if you don’t prefer your dessert to be too sweet.

Where: Multiple outlets

Price: INR 300

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Where are you heading to munch on some delicious Pancakes in Mumbai? Which place did you find your guilty pleasure? Let us know in the comments below.




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