Experience the rural charm at Halli Habba with Elements Mall Bangalore

Experience the ultimate rural charm at Elements Mall with Halli Habba. The event is set up on a Village theme Décor running across the mall.

Halli Habba

If you want to experience the rural atmosphere, go here this weekend. A Daily Market is also set-up in association with HOPCOMS. You can also buy Hyacinth Beans or Flat Beans, Sugarcane, Sweetcorn, Groundnut, KITES, Traditional Sweets & Food, etc.

Halli Habba

Along with this they also have “Weekend Activities” like Pottery Marking, Spinning Top, Pot Breaking, Seven Stones and many more at Halli Habba event.

Halli Habba

Where: Elements Mall, Bengaluru

When: 10th Jan to 2nd Feb’2020

Time: 1pm to 10pm

Entry: Free

Call: 080-67294444.

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