Want a spine chilling experience? Here's a list of Top 5 Haunted Places in Pune!

Simran Dhamija
Dec 09, 2019 14:12 IST
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haunted places in Pune

Does thinking or even hearing about dark spirits leave you terror-stricken? A slight door knock may send a chill down your spine, especially when you are all alone at home. Well, Pune is famous for many things and haunted places in Pune are one of them.

Are you brave enough to visit these haunting sites in the city?

1. Giggling sounds in the city’s Victory theatre

haunted places in Pune

The very famous Victory theatre in camp on General Thimayya road experiences unwanted noises all the time even though it is a very old and renowned theatre. During the daytime, people seem to enjoy movies and have a good time but once the evening sets in, things change. The seats in the theatre are banged with a fervent hammering inside, report people. Most of the time this is been experienced even when the seats are vacant.

2. The Choice Hostel tragedy

haunted places in Pune

The hostel which has students residing in it is known to be haunted. Located behind McDonalds, Karve road, Choice hostel students have encountered many nail-biting activities in the vicinity. Hostelers have complained of a lady in a bright red saree who just happens to be roaming the corridors. It is said that the lady was the first wife of the person who owns the hostel. She was allegedly brutally murdered by the owner of the hostel, himself. Saturdays, (especially after the sun is set) it becomes even more frightening when the weeping noises of the ghost are heard. A loud jingling of the anklet worn by the lady echoes through the entire hostel- are you brave enough to enter?

3. The tale of Chandan Nagar

haunted places in Pune

haunted places in Pune

A spot located near Mathura Nagar is known for a small kid with her baby doll who’s screaming on the streets as soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight. The child apparently died at a nearby construction site. Her spirit lives, haunting the lanes of Pune in the dark night. The screams recorded by people are haunting and you might want to avoid visiting that place, as it is not for the faint-hearted.

4. Alice Richman’s grave

haunted places in Pune

This place is situated inside Pune University and is known as the Grave of Alice Richmond. The daughter of an Australian woman had an accident while horse riding and was then buried in the University campus. Speculations are that the lady dressed in a white gown roams around haunting people sitting on her grave by tapping on their shoulders. Creepy, isn’t it?

5. The War Cemetery in Khadki

haunted places in Pune

A place built in the memory of our brave soldiers who fought the legendary World War 2- it is often dubbed as frightening with cries echoing during the night. Constructed on the burial site of 1,668 warriors, people are frequently advised to stay away from this place. People say that the grief of the soldiers dying still echoes here.

These are known to be some of the haunted places in Pune. Do you dare to visit some of them?

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