Think Before Crossing Rail Tracks! ‘Yamraj’ Patrol in Mumbai may Catch You!

All you thrill-seekers out there who choose to cross the railway tracks for an adrenaline rush, beware!! If you are running short of time, crossing those railway tracks can put you into trouble. And no, we are not talking about fines, challans or getting caught on cameras. We bet you are wondering what else can it be? This is more of karmic trouble. Do you think we are kidding? Keep reading to meet the Yamraj!


Get ready to be blown away and think twice before trying this trick again. Western Railway has now appointed none other than, our God of death, Yamraj, to educate people who fail to understand the risks of crossing the railway tracks. A member of the Railway Police Force(RPF) dresses as Yamraj and educates people on this issue. On certain occasions, he has also carried people crossing tracks and brought them to safety.


There are mixed reactions on social media about this initiative. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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