Passionate about food, meet Akshya Agarwal from Jaipur, winning hearts one dish at a time!

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Passionate about food, meet Akshya Agarwal from Jaipur, winning hearts one dish at a time!

Akshya Agarwal, an MBA graduate by education is making a mark in the space of Food Blogging in Jaipur. She wants to be called as Visual Food Story Teller and leaves no stone unturned to make it true. She is also an Entrepreneur and runs Acasa Desain, a home decor brand based out of Jaipur. Let's catch up with Akshya Agarwal to know more about her.

What is your definition of a Food Blogger? How did you stumble upon Food Blogging as a career option?

A food blogger is who is passionate about food, It is not only about hogging but to try new dishes, taste, write about it.

When I was done with my MBA in 2016, I started my venture and apart from that Blogging was so new that time, I used to go to every new place and also used to ask my friends to explore some new place instead of repeating some old place, So I started posted on Zomato and invites used to flourish and I thought yes I can write well so why should I not make a blog on Instagram.

You have been in the Food Blogging space for quite some time, tell us more about your milestones in this journey and how have things changed over the years

Its been 2.5 years to this Akshya Digital Diaries and I feel so lucky to be individually handled, managed by myself.  

The moments which are milestones for me are quite a few: 

  • Whenever I get featured in any newspaper, also once I was interviewed on Television and went on air by Red FM and sharing our journey.
  • Meeting chef Ajay Chopra by this profession.
  • Meeting Miss Malini.
  • Interviewed Esha Deol for her Movie- Cakewalk.
  • Being a judge to a few culinary events.

We see you are quite active in your space, get featured on different media (TV, Radio, Newspapers). When did it start? Take us through your journey

I feel so overwhelmed when I get featured in newspapers, television or on air. I feel more accomplished when my followers, friends, relatives send me the snapshots of my articles.

Akshya Agarwal

What constitutes a day in your life as a Food Blogger?

I’m a food blogger by profession apart from this I have a Home Décor venture which is named as “Acasa Desain” so, My day revolves around both the things, taking care of products and services together updating and delivering my orders timely, and simultaneously attending food meets and maintaining my blog.

Do you still find it difficult to tell people that Blogging is a legit profession? Weirdest reactions from people around you

Yes, Blogging is still not a legit profession according to people, they feel it’s only for free food, but it is basically all about creating your good follower base and make it a profession by earning as well.

 The weirdest reaction is when some relative asked me- ‘To tumhe to invites aate hai to free food milta hoga na’ and then I was controlling my laugh and smiling at the same time.

What is the one thing you love and hate about this profession?

What I love the most is the identity I have from this blog, The love for food and invites to good events.

What I hate the most is Known people asking for Stories or posts for free.

The Whackiest Client Brief or request received 

The same, when people ask us to post for free.

Looking back at the journey, what made it worth your while?

Whenever I get appreciated from my parents, I feel better, Also when I get messages and when people recognize me from work.

Akshya Agarwal

How often did you post when you started off as opposed to now. 

Initially, I used to post in 3-4 days, now I upload 3-4 stories and post per day.

What according to you is the best way to increase traffic to your food blog?

What I have analyzed is: Polls, questions and ways to interact with followers via stories or posts are much needed to increase traffic to blog. Also, hashtags are quite important.

Quick Five 

    Favorite Food / Cuisine – Indian the most, Italian/ Lebanese

    Favorite Café / Restaurant – Fort and Mahaveer Rabri 

Order of preference Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Niche Platform- Instagram

     Static Images, Stories, Long Form Videos- Stories and videos

     Pet Peeve against Brands, Agencies and Fellow Bloggers- Don’t ask for the free content post

Five Tips for Budding Food Bloggers out there

  • Do not go to hog for free food.
  • Build your profile
  • Work hard in terms of content also
  • Do something different on your feed
  • Creative videos.

Other than food blogging, what else do you enjoy?

I like to click pictures of natural beauty and love to party.

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