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Anushka is an MBA student and she started blogging during her graduation. She is a Marwadi and being a foodie runs in the blood. Her grandma is fond of cooking new dishes and cuisine and being her favorite grandchild she was the first one to try everything new! That’s how she was always a food reviewer since her childhood. And thus, Food Blogging comes naturally to her.

What is your definition of a Food Blogger? How did you stumble upon Food Blogging as a career option? 

Food blogger according to me is someone who is open to new experiences and trying out new dishes, experimenting with the taste buds and finding out what is good or bad not just according to my tastes but audiences.

Food blogging for me happened because I used to love exploring new places in the city and new food and my friends always kept asking me for suggestions and trusting my opinions. That is why I started my page

Take us through the thought behind the name

 I’ve always remembered the areas of Jaipur and recognized them according to the famous food available there. I wanted to be google map for street food of Jaipur and thus the name FOOD MAP JAIPUR.

You have been in the Food Blogging space for quite some time, tell us more about your milestones in this journey and how have things changed over the years.

 I have been doing this for more than 2 and a half years now, I feel accomplished and proud when I meet my followers somewhere in a café or when I get a newspaper or blog features, I love how awareness about food blogging has increased over time

Food blogging

What constitutes a day in your life as a Food Blogger?

Since I’m also doing my PGDM, I generally attend tasting sessions post my college, it’s a hectic schedule as sometimes we have to go to events and launches arranged by new places at night.

Do you still find it difficult to tell people that Blogging is a legit profession? Weirdest reactions from people around you?

No, a lot of people find blogging a legit profession now. Haven’t encountered any weird reaction yet

What is the one thing you love and hate about this profession?

I love the opportunities, popularity and the food I get. I hate that it’s still unorganised and anybody can become a blogger for freebies instead of passion

The Whackiest Client Brief or request received 

When they ask us to promote them for free that’s the worst.

If given a chance to go back in time and fix, what is that one mistake you would like to undo?

Trying sushi :p

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Looking back at the journey, what made it worth your while?

Food blogging

The happiness I get when people appreciate me on Dm’s or meet me in person and say they follow my recommendations is the only thing that makes me want to work harder.

How often did you post when you started off as opposed to now. 

Initially I did 1 post a day now I have moved to 2-3 posts a day to increase engagement.

What according to you is the best way to increase traffic to your food blog?

Post interactive stories, ask audience’s opinions and post what they want to see.

Quick Five 

  • Favorite Food / Cuisine - Chinese
  • Favorite Café / Restaurant  There for you
  • Order of preference Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Niche Platform
  • Static Images, Stories, Long Form Videos- Static images
  • Pet Peeve against Brands, Agencies and Fellow Bloggers-Don’t do or ask for free promotions

Food blogging

Five Tips for Budding Food Bloggers out there

  1. Don’t fall in the trap of buying followers or likes
  2. Work hard, followers are secondary. Hard work is first
  3. Slow and steady wins the race and in this case hearts of people
  4. Don’t do it for freebies, do it for passion and you’ll grow like never before
  5. Go home and learn about the new dishes that you try, be open to learning and curious.

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