Boho Vibes and Cozy Affair! Bookmark Oladar Village And Cafe in Udaipur for your Next Visit!

A very chic and boho-inspired cafe is hidden inside narrow lanes of Udaipur. Oladar is highly recommended to those who want to not only experience good food but a warm and dreamy atmosphere. The spirit of this cafe – restaurant will surely leave an impression.

What’s the word on the city street?

This beautiful cafe is the quintessential location for a brunch date. And even a stellar option for just “chill evening scenes”. 

They offer a sectioned seating layout. The balcony placement with Christmas lights, the cozy and warm lounge and the open peristyle with the fresh breeze.  

Inside Scoop

Do not shy away from choosing different items from the menu, the food is as good as ‘Nirvana’ here. The presentation is nothing less than a Gourmet restaurant. 

You can have a relaxed game night with a round of foosball or an intimate dinner with refreshing drinks. 

You will be highly impressed with the ambiance and a lot of personal touches can be seen with the interiors to make it something different. With vibrant colors and contrasting props, this place becomes lively with the growing day. 

Local Samosa Bites

This restaurant puts out a very tempting menu. They have been consistently serving great grilled fish with vegetables on the side. 

Our personal favorite is the Stroganoff, whether you go for mushroom or chicken, both are delicious. The herbed rice is the perfect balance to that creamy sauce. 

For drinks, Iced Mocha, good-old and blended coffee, or seasonal smoothies are great options to go for. 

I’m Game, let’s plan

When? Monday to Sunday

Where? Oladar Village Restaurant & Cafe, 14, 21, Lake Palace Rd, Udaipur

Time? 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

We are sure that you will fall in love with this multi-cuisine restaurant. Good food always leads to Good Times!

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