Time To Tone Your Body!Best Pilates Classes in Pune

Are you bored with your regular gyming routine? Lifting weights and running on a treadmill can be monotonous at times. Are you looking for something new to try? Then how about Pilates? You can opt to join any Pilates classes in Pune.

Do you know why pilates is the latest fad when it comes to fitness? Most of the top actresses maintain their shape with pilates. Be it Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt or Maliaka Arora. If you follow people like Yasmin Karachiwala and Namrata Purohit, you know what we are talking about.

Well for people who don’t follow fads, pilates helps in correcting your body postures and certain ailments too. It also helps tighten your core.  So, let’s start with the list of pilates studios in Pune.

Be Fit Pilates

BeFIT Pilates classes in Pune

Dr. Deepali Gupta is the face behind Be FIT Pilates. She believes in helping people get fit and make them feel good about themselves and their bodies. She has traveled a lot and has learned from the best trainers across the globe. You can find more details here.

Where: Be Fit Pilates 

Call: 91 98810 12800

Simply Pilates

Simply Pilates classes in Pune

Geeta Wagh is the owner of simply pilates and fitness is a religion for her. Born into the Talwalkar family, one can say fitness is in her blood. She believes in classical Pilates and teaches it in her studio. We know what’s on your mind. What is classical pilates? Check this link for details.

Where: Simply Pilates

Call: 7028056341

The Pilates Studio Pune by Namrata Purohit

NP Pilates classes in Pune

Namrata Purohit is a celebrity fitness trainer. She has an endless list of A-list clients. She has studios all across India and one in our very own Pune too. Find more details here

Where: The Pilates Studio

Call: 8605652255

R Pilates

R Pilates Pilates classes in Pune

Rucha Mulay’s pilates studio is located in the Prabhat road area. From a flying career to being an entrepreneur with the pilates studio, she Rucha Mulay has been successful in all her endeavors. She started with mat pilates and with sheer hard work she expanded her studio to include advance pilates equipment. She has some of the best clientele from across Pune. For more details check this link.

Where: R Pilates

Call: 8308256778


SPYN Pilates classes in Pune

SPYN is short for Shambhavi’s pilates and yoga nutrition. She is into pilates, power yoga and nutrition. You can visit her facebook page here for more details.

Where: SPYN

Call: 098501 43342

The Pep Up Studio

Pep Up Pilates classes in Pune

Pep studio is started by two sisters to help people stay fit. They are also the first bungee studio in Pune. They are into pilates, yoga and bungee workouts. Visit this link for further details.

Where: The Pep up studio

Call: 098906 58255

Moushu’s Pilates

Moushu's Pilates classes in Pune

Moushumi Kuvala started with mat pilates in 2008 and established Moushu’s studio in 2016. She has been working with patients for their rehabilitation for 25 years. They believe in making you the best version of yourself. You can find more details here.

Where: Moushu’s Studio

Call: 9822308301

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