Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad serves love and goodwill on the table!

Imagine a restaurant where your bill is paid by someone else. Seva cafe runs on a very unique concept of ‘Service’. It is run by a modest group of volunteers who are very friendly and serve with love. 

What’s the word on the city street?

At the end of your meal, your bill always reads ‘0’ but you are presented with a box to carry forward the goodwill. Whatever amount you choose to put in will be used to buy the ingredients for people who dine after you. 

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Indoor and Outdoor seating is just pretty and amazing. 

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You will find one table named ‘family table’ where you can be joined by other members if they wish so. It is specially created as a gesture to show that all of us are members of one family and caste, creed or religion is no barrier. 

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Inside Scoop

The menu of Seva Cafe keeps differing based on the money collected the previous day or the people who volunteer for the day. It is decided daily and therefore shall always be a surprise. 

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Seva CafeSource

The cafe also offers you an option to do the ‘Seva’ and make food for people who visit the cafe. They perform a ritual before the cafe opens wherein the entire team, prays together and commits to serve with love.

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You are then assigned a role to either be a waitress or do the dishes or be the manager – as per your wish.

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Local Samosa bites

We volunteered at the cafe and made spinach soup, Rava sheera, sandwich, and pasta. One of us brought the guitar and one of the customers volunteered to sing, which made it a perfect evening. You must visit the café, serve and pass on the good-will offered to you by strangers. 

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I’m Game, let’s Plan

When? Thursday to Sunday

Where? Shopper’s Plaza, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Abad, Opp Municipal Market, Ahmedabad

Time? 7:00pm to 10:00pm

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