Climb up onto A Sky Waltz Balloon Safari and enjoy bird’s eye view of Jaipur

Waiting for a chance to fulfill your childhood desire of flying?Now the wait is over. Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is going to give you a chance to glide through the clear blue sky while flying over this colorful city.

What’s the word on the City Street?

Soar up like a cloud and enjoy the sweeping views of the breathtaking Pink City. This is an adventure sport for the distinctly unadventurous people as all you have to do is clamber into a large basket and wait for the hot air inside the balloon to take you up into the sky.

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari

Inside Scoop

If you think you’ve done it all in Jaipur, Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is going to change your opinion by offering you the opportunity to experience Jaipur from an exclusive perspective as you drift over breathtaking landscapes, local villages, spectacular forts, and hidden palaces.

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Local Samosa Bites

So Samosites, If you don’t have the nerve for bungee jumping but crave a bit of free-flying adventure — ballooning could be the game for you.

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari

I’m game let’s plan

When? All days of the week

Where? Sky Waltz Balloon Safari

Suncity Project Road, Kukas, Parasrampuri, Jaipur


6.00 am – 7.00 am (depending on the season time) 

3.00 pm – 4.00 pm (depending on the season time)


How to book tickets?

Book your flight on





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