How about some Leopard spotting at Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur?

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How about some Leopard spotting at Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur?

If there is a wildlife fanatic in you, now is time to unleash the wilderness at Jhalana Safari Park in Jaipur. Jump in for an open gypsy safari to witness the most elusive cat in the wild and relish the extraordinary gifts of nature.

What's the word on the City Street?.

In the midst of a historic city, Jaipur's Jhalana Wildlife Reserve, is a heaven for nature enthusiasts, Sole travelers and Adventure seekers.

It provides all wildlife photography enthusiasts with the perfect opportunity to fulfill their cherished dream and capture the images of leopard in its natural surroundings.

Jhalana Safari Park

Inside Scoop

It is blessed with diverse topography and also shelters an abundance of widespread species including Nilgai, Spotted deers, Indian hares, Porcupines, Foxes, and Hyenas.

Apart from the safari, interpretation center, refreshment hut, waiting room, and several paintings have been introduced to give an enthralling experience to the visitors.

A photo gallery has been set up in the interpretation center of the Jhalana Reserve, where photos from several wildlife photographers are displayed.

Jhalana Safari Park

Local Samosa Bites

Samosites, Go Wild in Rajasthan’s Newest Safari Destination and enjoy a fascinating tryst with wild cats.

Enjoy a day away from the rush of the city and behold the wildlife with ticket prices as low as Rs 200.

So, don’t think about how you are going to spend your weekend, instead go and explore this Hidden wildlife area of Jaipur.

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I'm game let's plan

When-Open on all 7 days

Where-Jhalana Safari Park,Central Road, Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 302017, Rajasthan

Time-6:00 AM - 9:00 AM, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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