Ibrahim Tamboli’s Auto Rickshaw is Pune’s Very Own Garden on Wheels!

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Ibrahim Tamboli’s Auto Rickshaw is Pune’s Very Own Garden on Wheels!

Climate change is a very real fear and for every one of us who can’t make time to worry about this critical matter; there are those who do. Pune is home to just one such resident who used a quirky way to showcase just how much he loves the environment.


Ibrahim Tamboli is a Raviwar Peth resident with a penchant for plants. A rickshaw driver by profession, he used his creativity to convert his auto into a verdant green garden.

Here are 5 reasons why you simply must grab the chance to take a ride in his green-Gadi!

  1.      The 45-year-old wired the vehicle with vibrant lights and a stellar digital sound system. The cherry on the top is that you get to control the music in this amazing ride.
  2.      Bedecked with images of flora and fauna, the rickshaw is festooned with artificial flowers.
  3.   The ride is more comfortable as well, in addition to being quirky and covered in soothing green grass.
  4.   It cost him Rs 25,000 to renovate his rickshaw and modify it into a garden on wheels. You can experience a calming ride within his auto haven.
  5.      Apart from pleasing your eyes, this ride has more to offer. Tamboli shall engage you in a scintillating banter about climate change. This man is passionate to the core and insists on making a difference in his own way.

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So hop in the next time you see Tamboli driving by in his charming auto and tell us about your experience!


Image credits- ABP Majha, TOI