Buy Stationery That Can Grow Into Plants by Gift Studio

Time to Reimagine Stationery You Buy every day! How about buying paper books that can turn into plants? Sounds unbelievable, right? Contact Gift Studio to know more.

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We are living in a digital world. But the charm of good-old paper is hard to resist. Even manufacturing many stationery items involves the cutting of numerous trees. To tackle this issue, one gift store in Ahmedabad has hit upon an even better plan — plantable stationery.

Just Imagine, a plant growing out of the notepad and that too of your choice! It can be the best gift for this exam season.

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Gift Studio provides an assortment of plantable stationery that is 100% eco-friendly, and made using 100% Recycled paper packaging!

Paper comes from trees. With Gift Studio, contribute and give back to nature in the form of paper that turn to plants.

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For more details, CALL: 98981 25085 / 74031 12345

Get your hands on to these fantastic products.

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