Enjoy the cool breeze and good food at this majestic rooftop Cafe- Upri Manzil

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Feb 15, 2019 13:44 IST
Upari Manzil

Ditch those boring and crowded indoor cafes and head to this rooftop Cafe Upri Manzil in Ahmedabad.

Sometimes sitting indoors makes us feel as if we are trapped. From being a corporate employee in a cubicle to driving home in a small and cozy public transport and cars etc., we tend to miss the blue open skies, the natural vibes, the chirping of birds and fresh breezes of air.

How about a rooftop cafe that takes you on the heavenly experience with an array of lip-smacking dishes and ambiance?

Upari Manzil 1

Upari Manzil cafe stands right to its name and believes in providing its visitors ‘Get High to touch the Sky’ experience all the time. Created with a vision to offer its customers have the best time of their lives, Upari Manzil is located near Vastrapur lake, opposite to Ahmedabad One Mall. I am sure this will become your favorite go-to the cafe; you would get to experience a large seating space accompanied by a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the beautiful Ahmedabad city from the 10th floor.

They believe in making every soul who enters the cafe a time worth remembering for a lifetime.

The moment you enter the Upari Manzil, it's like you came in stairs of heaven.

Come here to surprise yourself. We are sure it will soothe your mood.

Upari Manzil 2

Go to: Alpha One Mall, Amrpali lake view A wing 10th floor , near, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Call: 087585 45454

Time: 7 PM- 2 AM

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