Year Round Up 2023: Homegrown brands that caught our eyes in 2023

A lot of homegrown brands cropped up in 2023 and these are some of many that caught our eye and look promising! Cheers to many more such rising brands!

Hitanshu Bhatt
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As we end the year let's look back at the homegrown brands in various sectors like clothing, healthcare, skincare and education that caught our eye 

The Year 2023 saw quite a few start-ups in various sectors. Be it healthcare or AI this year saw a rise in some of the new-age industries. Here are the brands from these sectors that caught our attention.

Lemon Lilt


Co-founded by two best friends, Lemon Lilt is a premium streetwear brand. Rooted in the idea of value-based fashion, Lemon Lilt goes beyond just being a brand; it's a lifestyle, a community, and a symbol of quality for today's trendsetters.

Month Of inception: October 2023

Founders : Harsh Agarwal & Dhrumil Gada

Sector: Clothing (Street Wear)

Products they offer: Oversized Tees & Hoodies



Hyphen is a skincare brand that combines the power of nature and the potency of science to manufacture its products suitable for all skin types at an affordable price. 

Month of inception - July 2023

Founders - Kriti Sanon & PEP Technologies

Sector - Skincare and Beauty

Products they offer: Face Serum, Face Cream, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Lipscreen



Bookalooz is a website empowering kids to write, publish, and earn royalties from their creative content. 

Month of Inception - July 2023

Founders - Ankur Gupta and Deepak Garg 

Sector - Education

Services they offer - Self-publishing features including book design templates, illustration options, and formatting tools. Facilitates book distribution through a digital marketplace, allowing kids to sell and share their creations with a wider audience.

Sentra World


Sentra World is a B2B SaaS company working towards decarbonizing industrial manufacturing. It uses AI-led technology to decarbonize industrial manufacturing.

Month of inception - June 2023

Founders - Vikas Upadhyay and Harsh Choudhry

Sector - NetZero, Sustainability tech, AI, Blockchain

Products they offer - Sentra.Calculus (Measures, Monitors, Mitigates and Monetizes carbon emissions

Skuccii Supercliniq 


It is India's first of a new generation of luxury face, skin, hair, body, aesthetic gynecology, intimate wellness and IV rejuvenation Supercliniq.

Month of inception - October 2023

Founders - Dr. Meghna Mour, Karan Mahana, Mahendra More, Pallavi More and Kamal Mour.

Sector - Healthcare

Products/Services they offer - Hair treatments and hair transplants, face and skin treatments, chemical peel, pigmentation laser/fotona, Skin PRP, tattoo removal, laser rejuvenation/photofacial, plasma pen, cosmelan treatment, facial, laser hair reduction, driips IV therapy etc. 

Calico Knots


The Calico Knots is a sustainable clothing brand dedicated to creating timeless fashion pieces with a focus on eco-friendly practices. Known for its exquisite Schiffli embroidery western wear that seamlessly blends traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary Western fashion sensibilities.

Month of Inception - September 2023

Founders - Taranpreet Ahuja

Sector - Apparel

Products they offer - long and short dresses, tops, jumpsuits, Co-ord sets, shorts, capes and more

Schbang MMaximize 


Schbang, the creative, media and technology transformation company launched a joint venture with influencer Masoom Minawala called Schbang MMaximize to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted approach for creators to develop their brands.

Month of Inception - June, 2023

Founders - Masoom Minawala and Schbang 

Sector - Entertainment 

Services they offer - PR and image building, identifying diverse revenue streams, legal and financial support, invoicing and billing assistance, and content planning among others

Undr Dressed


Undr Dressed is a resort and swimwear brand started by influencer Cherry Jain Rastogi for apparel in plus sizes as well. 

Month of Inception - June 2023

Founders - Cherry Jain Rastogi

Sector - Apparel 

Products they offer - Resort wear, swimwear

Increate Jewelry Institute


IJI is a new-age jewelry designing Institute which offers all the latest techniques and practical knowledge required for this industry. 

Month of inception - November 2023

Founders - Shakti Piplani and Shefali Agarwal

Sector - Jewelry Designing

Service they offer - Jewelry designing by hand and Jewelry designing on software

Lemon Lilt Undr Dressed Schbang MMaximize Calico Knots Skuccii Supercliniq Sentra World Bookalooz Hyphen Increate Jewelry Institute