Sets Where Trends Set: Zeenat Aman Movie Shooting Locations Across India

The trendsetter, the icon, the glam queen—Zeenat Aman's name is synonymous with inspiration for a generation. The movie star has graced some memorable films that will forever hold a special place in fans' hearts.

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On Zeenat Aman's birthday, we delve into five cinematic gems, reminiscing about cherished moments and exploring the enchanting locations that served as the backdrop for the Glam Queen's iconic scenes.

Zeenat Aman has been one of Bollywood's glam queens and has inspired a generation with her iconic characters. She played female characters who were bold and independent, which was different from the usual 'the village girl' characters that were seen in movies. Also known for her sensual performances, she has been a trendsetter, donning some of Bollywood's most iconic outfits. After retiring from acting, she seems to be doing some travelling and remembering old moments which she frequently posts for us on social media. On Zeenat Aman's Birthday, we have a look at 5 films from Zeenat Aman's career and the locations at which they were shot!

1. Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Loni village; Ahmednagar

Satyam Shivam Sundaram


Although the movie saw some controversy and failed to hit the right chords with its audiences at the box office, Satyam Shivam Sundaram remains quite an underrated classic. The movie which is known as the passion project of Raj Kapoor follows, an engineer played by Shashi Kapoor who comes to a river to overlook the construction of a dam, and the nearby village where he meets Zeenat's character, whose face has been disfigured due to an accident but has a beautiful voice. The moment when the character follows the sweet voice coming from the temple and meets the character for the first time still hangs in our memories. The scenes of the movie were shot in the natural beauty of a farm at Loni village in Ahmednagar district, the surrounding areas and the nearby Pravara river.

2. Don, Marine Drive, Colaba, Aksa Beach;  Mumbai



The cult classic stars Amitabh Bachchan performing a double role of Don and Vijay Chauhan and Zeenat Aman plays the fierce and vengeful, Roma who is out to kill Don to avenge the murder of his brother and his fiance at Don's hands. The popular quote from the movie, "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hai" is relatable to the shooting of the movie as it took place at several film studios and iconic locations across Mumbai. From Marine Drive, Colaba, Aksa Beach, Dhobhi Ghat and Chhota Kashmir, with some crucial moments shot at the Sea Rock Cafe, it really seems Don has been to a lot of places.

3. Roti Kapda Aur Makaan, Bandra; Mumbai



The movie attempts to highlight the people in the cities, struggling every day to earn even their most basic necessities of roti, kapda and makaan which means food, clothing and shelter, with its plot of a young graduate, who needs to find a job as he finds himself responsible to look after his family after his father's death and of course the tantrums of his girlfriend who does not want to marry him because of his poor financial condition. Now, who plays the girlfriend? That's right, none other than the glam queen, Zeenat... The film was shot in various film studios like Filmistan Studios, RK Studios, Mohan Studios, Rajkamal Studios and Chandivali Studios.

4. Dharamveer, Bandra, Chembur; Mumbai

Dharam veer


Dharamveer is the 70's Bollywood fairytale. The plot follows the story of two siblings, who have been separated to avoid the consequences of a prophecy. The two eventually meet again, fighting adversaries and the titular character played by Dharmendra, marrying the princess, who is played by Zeenat. Half of the scenes of the movie are shot at Mehboob Studios in Bandra and the other half at RK Studios in Chembur.

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