Waterfalls in Mumbai and Thane to Witness the Monsoon Magic!

Mumbai monsoon calls for a getaway to serene destinations. But wait, why do you have to visit Lonavala or Igatpuri when you can witness the magic of waterfalls in the city itself?

Hitanshu Bhatt
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waterfalls in Mumbai

Mumbaikers, get ready to tap, splash and get wet as the monsoon is finally here. We all know, that the Mumbai weather turns to heavenly during the monsoon season and we find our escapes to destinations outside Mumbai. No further, as we have covered some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mumbai and Thane that will let you enjoy a short trail, relax in natural plunge pools and witness the beauty of lush green hills within your city. 

Yeoor Waterfall

Yeoor Waterfall
Image Courtesy: Gautam Khetwal

Yeoor waterfall is located in the Yeoor Hills in Thane. A 4.8 km loop trail leads to this waterfall which gushes during monsoon. You can enjoy birding, hiking and walking amidst the forest cover.  

Where: Upvan Lake, Pokhran Road, Near Pawar Nagar, Thane. 

Waghdevi Waterfall - Dahisar 

waghdevi waterfalls
Image Courtesy: Vloggers Hut/YouTube

Waghdevi is one of the hidden waterfalls in Dahisar. It is nestled around a hilly area that is covered with greenery during the monsoon and a small waterfall is formed. The fall leads to a pond that is ideal for swimming and bathing during the monsoon weather. 

Where: Vaishali Nagar, Dahisar, Mumbai 

Pandavkada Falls - Kharghar

Pandavkada Falls Kharghar
Image Courtesy:: Treks and Trails 

Pandavkada Falls is a plunge waterfall in Kharghar in Mumbai. Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata are believed to have stayed at this place, thus getting its name Pandavkada. This destination is quite preferred for a short trek or a day-long picnic, especially during the monsoon season when the mountains are covered with dense natural vegetation.

Where: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Shreenagar Waterfall - Mulund 

shreenagar waterfall mulund
Image Courtesy: Aahutosh Kori/YouTube

The trek to Shreenagar Waterfall starts with the steps to the Shree Ayyappa Mandir (temple). A small trek will lead you up to the seasonal waterfall that looks beautiful in the surroundings of a forest.  

Where: Shreenagar, Mulund, Thane.

Bholenath Waterfall - Mumbra 

Bholenath Waterfall
Image Courtesy: Dawood Vora/YouTube

This waterfall in Mumbra in Thane will transport you to the falls in Goa. This hidden waterfall, by the name Bholenath Waterfall in Shibli Nagar near the famous Dosti Planet North building in the city is a one-of-a-kind destination to visit during the monsoon as the water flushes from a hilltop.

Where: Shibli Nagar, Near Dosti Planet North, Mumbra, Thane.

Parsik Waterfall - Navi Mumbai

Parsik Waterfall
Image Courtesy: Abid Balrampuri/YouTube

Parsik Waterfall is situated in the Parsik Hills of Navi Mumbai. This is a picturesque natural landmark characterized by its rugged terrain, lush greenery, and panoramic views of the surrounding area. It stands as a popular destination for hiking, nature walks, and outdoor exploration, especially during monsoon.

Where: Ram Nagar, Subhash Nagar, Dighe, Navi Mumbai

Gavli Devi Waterfall -  Ghansoli 

Gavli Devi Waterfall
Image Courtesy: Traveller Bidur/YouTube

Gavli Devi Waterfall is located near Ghansoli in the Mahape region of Navi Mumbai. The waterfall gets its name from the Gavli Devi Temple on the top of the trek. The entire region is known as the Gavli Devi Waterfalls and Bird Sanctuary as it is popular for its monsoon treks and bird watching. 

Where: 395, S Central Rd, MIDC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai.

Adai Waterfall - Panvel

Adai Waterfall
Image Courtesy: Camp Curry India

Located in one of the pristine locations in itself, Panvel, Adai waterfall is a great escape for the people of Mumbai during the monsoon. The falls are reachable after a short hike. There is a plunge pool at the bottom of the falls, perfect for a cool relaxing dip after the hike. 

Where: Adai, Panvel, Navi Mumbai

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