Top Tourist Attractions in Jodhpur that aren't Forts

Jodhpur is not only about palaces and forts, it completes the package with these amazing local attractions. Learn, admire and be amused by the art present in every corner of these local finds. Create your own royal story in these places that aren't forts.

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The Blue City

When we hear Rajasthan, we paint a picture of big forts and luxurious palaces, as if we were in our own royal drama. But hold on to your turbans, because Rajasthan has more surprises up its sleeve than a secret passage in a royal palace! You can spot some of these surprises in Jodhpur, a city known for its blue buildings. These places show a different side of Rajasthan, one that is bright, lively, and filled with exciting things to see and do. From quiet lakes and historic temples to bustling marketplaces and lovely gardens, these top attractions in Jodhpur that aren't forts will lead you to must-see location in Rajasthan.

1. Kaylana Lake

kaylana lake

Kaylana Lake, located a little on the outer of Jodhpur, appears as a unique paradise within Rajasthan's rough landscape. Surrounded by hills and rich greenery, this man-made beauty is like a refreshing drink of water in the heat. As the sun sprinkles golden confetti on the lake's dazzling surface, it's as if Mother Nature is hosting a party especially for you! But this is not it, this isn't your typical peaceful setting—it's a playground of choices! Kaylana Lake has got your back, whether you're looking for a romantic rowboat fun, a picnic with the family by the shore, or simply an alone retreat to adore the beauty of the nature. So, grab your sunscreen and sense of adventure, because a day at Kaylana Lake is guaranteed to be anything but ordinary!

When: Open 24 hours

Where: Located 8 km west of Jodhpur, Kaylana Lake

Entry Fee: No entry fee

2. Clock Tower and Sardar Market

sardar market and clock tower

Of course, shopping on a trip is a compulsion. So, step into Jodhpur's heart, where the clock tower looms tall and Sardar Market surrounds it with culture and shoppers all-round! Find a little something in every corner of those multi-coloured streets, where each turn brings a new sensory treat. From the aroma of Mirchi Bada to the sight of vibrant textiles, everything looks unique and bright. Explore the stores and boutiques full of treasures, such as embroidered fabrics and quirky trinkets. Don't forget to take a break and watch the street performers who showcase a magical touch to the crowded scene. Whether you're seeking shopping therapy, a taste of culture, or just a lively spot, the Clock Tower and Sardar Market are ready to take you on a magical journey you won't forget!

When: 10am-6pm

Where: Nai Sarak, Ghantaghar Market

Entry Fee: No entry fee

3. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

rao jodha

Greetings from Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, where Jodhpur's desert landscape transforms into a stunning tapestry of life and history. Wander along its trails, passing rocks that whisper stories of the past and desert vegetation that persists despite the odds. The park not only provides a view into Rajasthan's geological past, but it also serves as an oasis for native wildlife. As the sun sets, giving a golden colour over the steep landscape and Mehrangarh Fort in the distance, the park changes into a painting-like view. It's a place to find peace in solitude, where the desert breeze conveys old wisdom and vast landscapes invite reflection.

When: 07:00 AM to 06:15 PM

Where: 8237+5QG, Mehrangarh, Fort Rd, Kabir Nagar

Entry Fee: Rs. 100 per person, Rs. 200 per person for a guided walk

4. Balsamand Lake and Garden


Balsamand Lake and Garden, tucked like a secret paradise in Jodhpur, entices you with its calm water and lush surroundings. Imagine a lake reflecting the clear blue sky above, creating a peaceful mood. Wander through vast gardens filled with beautiful blooms and aged trees, each whispering stories from the past. You can take a relaxing boat trip on the lake or rest under the shady canopies spread around. Keep a watch out for native birds, which will add to the charm of your stay. 

When: 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Where: Mandore Rd, Mandore

Entry Fee: No entry fee

5. Bishnoi Village Safari

village safari

Living in major cities makes it easy to overlook the charm of country life, where every craft is based on tradition and talent. Enter the Bishnoi Village Safari in Jodhpur, where the essence of rural Rajasthan is captured. Learn the art of pottery from artisans who turn clay into beautiful shapes, each item a tribute to years of effort, you can make one for your loved one as well. Next as you walk through the town roads, you'll see herds of beautiful blackbucks and observe the lasting connection between the locals and their natural environment. The trip doesn't end there: enjoy a traditional meal of Rajasthani cuisine, such as Bajra ki roti with Lasun chutney served with love and tradition. Your stay is also welcomed there, so take that moment of escape and enjoy the countryside lifestyle.

When: Open 24 hours

Where: Jodhpur Gosala Road, Kumharon Ki Dhani, Nandwan Village

Entry Fee: Base package starts from Rs. 2,500

6. Machia Biological Park

machia biological park

Machia Biological Park, located near the Kalyana Lake in Jodhpur, welcomes tourists into a world where wildlife can flourish in its natural habitat. Explore winding routes through lush flora and rocky terrain, where you may see majestic lions, leopards, and a variety of exotic fauna. Antelopes gently roam, and birds swoop overhead. It's a place to experience Rajasthan's rich wildlife while immersing yourself in nature. Machia Biological Park offers a fascinating trip for wildlife enthusiasts and those who like the outdoors.

When: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Where: Kailana Rd, near Kaylana Lake, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Pratap Nagar

Entry Fee: Rs. 30 per person

7. Stepwell Square (Toorji ka Jhalra)


Walking through those blue streets of Jodhpur, you will find Toorji ka Jhalra representing Rajasthan's architectural brilliance. This beautiful stepwell, dating back to the 18th century, is more than a monument; it's a pathway into the heart of the city. As you move into its depths, hear the echo of water giving peace to its visitors. Ornate balconies and delicate craftsmanship grace the surroundings, providing a look into the artist's commitment to both beauty and functionality. Toorji ka Jhalra is still a cultural sanctuary today, with local artists gathering, musicians filling the air with tunes, and visitors charmed by its eternal draw. 

When: Open 24 hours

Where: Makrana Mohalla, Sutharo Ka Bass Rd, Gulab Sagar

Entry Fee: No entry fee

8. Flying Fox: Zip Line

flying fox

Flying Fox offers an exciting ropeway over the gorgeous landscape of Jodhpur, where gliding through the air becomes a thrilling exploration. From high above, see the blue city spread beneath you like a patchwork quilt of history and modernity, with the towering Mehrangarh Fort looming in the distance. Glide gently over rocky slopes and valleys, getting glimpses of bustling bazaars and traditional homes painted in soothing blues. Flying Fox provides a breathtaking view of Jodhpur's beauty, with each glide through the skies becoming a memory carved in your mind forever.

When: 9am-5pm

Where: Flying Fox Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort, Jai Pol, Main Gate

Entry Fee: Rs. 1,899 for rack rate 

9. Mandore Garden

mandore garden

Another spot in Jodhpur that isn't Fort is Mandore Garden, where every sunset colours the sky with gold, converting what was once a temple into a beautiful sight. Wander through magnificent gardens filled with flowers and statues adding to the beauty of the place. Find your retreat among relaxing corners of this whopping garden and trickling fountains, ideal for solo time or a leisurely picnic with loved ones. As the sun sets below the horizon, peacocks dance and monkeys play, adding whimsy to the peaceful environment. Don't miss the captivating music and laser show that lights up the night and casts an enticing glow over the historical setting. 

When: 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Where: Mandore Area, Mandore Garden

Entry Fee: No entry fee for garden, Rs. 50 for museum

10. Surpura Dam

surpura dam

Right on the outskirts of Jodhpur at a distance of 10 km, Surpura Dam emerges as a new vacationer spot where you will find breathtaking scenery. As the sun rises, creating a golden glow over the water, early risers are treated to a beautiful sight that paints the sky in pink and orange. During the monsoon season, the dam transforms into a paradise, with greenery and gushing waterfalls providing a lovely setting for rest and enjoyment. At nightfall, when the sun sets below the horizon, the dam transforms into a colourful canvas, ideal for that perfect Instagram picture.

When: Dam: Open 24 hours, Garden: 09:30 PM to 06:00 PM

Where: Bandh, Surpura, Rajasthan.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

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