Summer Camps for Kids for an Adventurous Time

Making new friends, learning skills and doing more than just textbooks - that’s what summer camp is all about. Summer camp means activities that will keep your child engaged and delighted. Check out this list of summer camps across the country.

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Summer Camps for Kids

Summers are not just reserved for endless playtime with friends, TV marathons and chilling. Summer camp is an opportunity for children to be exposed to the best of human character. The traditional kids' summer camp, memorialised in countless Bollywood movies and childhood memories, is not faring well these days. Or so we think.

In reality, many spaces and people are making sure we never lose the summer camp culture. Here are a few summer camps for kids across India you can have an adventure at!

Rustic Holidays - Mamachya Gaavala Jaauya

Rustic Holidays
Image Courtesy: Rustic Holidays

Nestled in nature at Tural in Sangameshwar, Maharashtra, this 210-year-old house is just beautiful. With Rustic Holidays, Nitin and Shilpa Karkare bring back the concept of visiting your mama’s (maternal uncle) place during summer vacations. This camp is for kids between the ages of 8 and 15. 

Kids can enjoy chulhe (earthen stove) pe bana hua khaana, large playgrounds, a dip in the pond and so much more. They can also indulge in plucking mangoes, cashews and other fruits. There’s a well-equipped open-air theatre for kids to express their skills and talents. Having visited it for years as a child, I can say that this camp experience will stay with your kids forever.

You can always enjoy a stay at this gorgeous place with a holiday in Kokan. Just contact them at +91 9820233917 for bookings.

When: May 6 to May 9

Where: Tural, Taluka Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Contact: + 91 9136992911 and +91 9136151355

Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp May 2024

Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp May 2024
Image Courtesy: Outlife

Seeking an engaging and educational summer camp experience for your child in summer? Look no further for Outlife’s Residential Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps for Kids is just the thing for you. This camp emphasises outdoor education and nature camps. These camps, designed for 8-15-year-olds, are a good setting for acquiring new skills, forging friendships, and crafting unforgettable memories in a safe and secure environment.

Led by seasoned adventure experts, they offer a variety of summer camp activities that take place in pristine natural settings. Campers get to immerse themselves in the outdoors, develop outdoor skills, and connect with peers, all within a nurturing and growth-focused community. The activities list is tailored to various interests and age groups, encompassing everything from outdoor activities to arts and crafts, sports, and more.

When: May 12 to May 19 - Bangalore and May 29 to June 2 - Hyderabad

Where: Tumkuru, Bangalore and Manneguda Forest Campsite, Hyderabad

Contact: +91 9765393057 and + 91 7729988781

Munsiyari & Beyond - Shaama & Nachani

Munsiyari & Beyond - Shaama & Nachani
Image Courtesy: Munsiyari & Beyond - Shaama & Nachani

A pristine sun-soaked beach along the cool blue Ramganga is the location. Given its modest altitude, enjoying the warm sunny days and cool swims in the river, you can easily forget that the icy Himalayan peaks loom just around the bend from Munsiyari. Stay in neat alpine tents on the beach, ride mountain bikes, learn to guide Kayaks, catch fish in the river, hike along birding trails, explore vast caves, enjoy a delicious Kumaoni meal in the village and sleep every night under a star-cluttered sky.

The Munsiyari camp is for kids between the ages of 13 to 18 years. The stay is in a small stone cottage just above the beautiful Gyandhura village. The site offers a spectacular 270-degree view of the Himalayas up close, as the land drops away on all sides into vast forested valleys of the gleaming Ramganga below.

When: May 9 to May 18

Where: Delhi to Nachni, Shaama, Munsiyari and back

Contact: +91 9322181849

Summer at Woodstock

summer camp

Summer at Woodstock combines academic exploration with the energy and excitement of a summer camp. Through a range of courses, master teachers strengthen participants’ academic foundations for college and careers. They create a powerful and unique sense of community through living and learning with diverse staff and peers from around the world.

Students will choose any one of the course offerings out of the 7 offered to enter into the program. Each course has an age criteria and students have to elect the course accordingly. This course is taught every morning for 200 minutes. Further, the student will be offered two more courses in the afternoon which are activity-based and taught on alternative days. Then there are social and recreational activities planned for students in the evening. Over the weekends, students will engage in outdoor and sports activities. From leadership to theatre and music to outdoor living, there’s something for everyone.

When: May 27 to June 7

Where: Woodstock School, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Contact: +91 (135) 617 0500 and +91 (135) 263 9000


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