Tick off these Places to Visit in Puri this Year!

From temples to heritage village and crafts town, Puri is home to various enthralling places. Have a look below and plan your visit this time!

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As the Rath Yatra begins in Puri, the city will likely see the tourists in good numbers. If you are one of them, who is going to be in Puri this year to attend the rituals, this is your time to also explore the city! From religious places to various enthralling activities, Puri is also home for vacations and tourists looking for some family time! Check these places out and make your plans right away!

1. Shree Jagannath Temple

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Shree Jagannath Temple attracts huge visitors all year round. However, the number increases during the Rath Yatra. Being one of the most popular religious, tourist spots in Puri and the entire Odisha, it forms one of the centres for Char Dham. It is believed that this temple, built in the 12th century, is dedicated to the Lord Universe, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. You cannot miss the grandeur of the temple if you are here!

2. Puri Beach

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If you want to have some family time in Puri, going to Puri beach is always a good choice. Along the Bay of Bengal, the beach remains crowded, some people also take a dip after paying respects to the Lord Jagannath. However, it is also a hotspot for its clean shore and couple of stalls offering souvenirs. Do you know, the Puri Beach Festival is organised every year in November here, and you must not miss it if you are here around that time!

3. Raghurajpur Artist Village

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A heritage crafts village, Raghurajpur houses more than 120 houses with artists involved in various art forms. You must know that Odisha is called the 'land of crafts' but if you want to see that in Puri, there is no better place than this. The prominent one here that you get to see is Pattachitra, which means painting on cloth. You can see here people painting on dried palm leaves, even on coconut and betel nuts. You can also buy paintings and artistic items from this village.

4. Loknath Temple

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Another important place after Jagannath Puri temple, Loknath temple is an 11th-century shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will be surprised to know that the Lingam here remains submerged in a natural underground fountain for most of the year. The locals clear the water on Pankoddhar Ekadashi, which is three days prior to the Shivaratri Festival. So, if you want to enjoy the local culture of the state, visit this place!

5. Narendra Sarovar

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Visiting for religious purposes? You should know about this Sarovar, believed to be the largest of all holy tanks in the city, spanning nearly 3.24 hectares. Known as Narendra Pokhari or Narendra Tank, it features an island dedicated to the holy triad: Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra. This location also hosts the popular summer festival, Chandan Yatra. The Rath Yatra in Puri begins after this festival concludes, which lasts for 42 days.

6. Gundicha Temple

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Amidst a beautiful, green garden lies the Gundicha Temple which is also popular as the Garden House of Jagannath. Locals believe that this shrine is a summer garden retreat of the holy triad. Constructed using light-grey sandstone, the temple highlights the typical Kalinga style of architecture comprised of four main parts – Vimana (tower structure having the sanctum), Jagamohana (assembly hall), Natamandapa (venue of all festivals) and Bhogamandapa (offerings hall). So, don't forget to check out this cultural place on your trip to Puri!

7. Pancha Tirtha

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It is believed in Puri that devotees need to bathe in the holy bathing kunds (tanks) to be able to complete their religious journey in Puri. Pancha Tirtha, hence, signifies five holy bathing kunds (tanks) in Puri: Indradyumna, Markandeya, Swetaganga, Rohini and Mahodadhi. While the Markandeya Tank is the starting point of the pilgrimage, Mahodadhi is the holy bathing spot in Swargadwa and is also considered a passage to heaven for the devotees to attain moksha.

8. Sudarshan Crafts Museum

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Established by Sri Sudarshan Sahoo, the Sudarshan Crafts Museum is a must-visit for all art lovers! Here, you can witness the evolution of modern craftsmanship. The museum beautifully exhibits the changes in various traditional sculptures over the decades. It offers facilities and opportunities for artists to create and showcase their work in the workroom. So, be sure to check out the local art and crafts of Odisha when you visit!

9. Pipili 

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Popular for its display of handicraft products, this town is a hub for all things artistic! Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Odisha through the beautiful displays of figures of gods, animals, birds, flowers, and more. You'll find pillow covers, sheets, handbags, purses, and much more, all handcrafted and of the highest quality. So, before you leave, make sure to browse these stalls and take home the best products!

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