Shri Ram Janmotsav: Places to celebrate Ram Navami in India

Witness the Janmotsav celebrations of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, at these places in India as they are lit up during the festival of Ram Navami.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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ppplaces to celebrate ram navami in indialaces to celebrate ram navami in india

One of the many festivals in India that celebrates the victory of good over evil is Lord Ram’s birth anniversary. He was known as the bearer of truth and righteous virtues and to commemorate his values, Ram Navami is celebrated with sheer vigour in various parts of India where the lord holds significance. Celebrations at these places include devotion in the form of Rath Yatra, special aartis, processions, decorating temples and bandanas. If you want to witness this grandeur, you must visit these places to celebrate Ram Navami. 

1. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 


As everyone familiar with Hindu mythology knows, Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram. The place where the divine god was born comes alive with celebrations during Ram Navami. Every house is adorned with lighting, decorations, and diyas, making it a visual treat for those witnessing Ram Navami in Ayodhya. This year, the celebrations will be even grander due to the completion of the Ram Mandir.

2. Sitamarhi, Bihar 


Punaura Dham in Sitamarhi is home to a temple named Janaki Mandir, meaning the temple of Goddess Sita. As the birthplace of Sita, it holds great reverence during Ram Navami celebrations, as she was the wife of Lord Ram. This 100-year-old temple is believed to be the site where Sita was nursed under a shade in a ploughing field, where she was found as a newborn by King Janaka. The temple houses deities of Ram, Laxman, and Hanuman, alongside Sita Mata, who are worshipped during the festival.

3. Bhadrachalam, Tamil Nadu  


The most special part of celebrations in Bhadrachalam in Tamil Nadu is the fortnight-long festivities that generally start from Ugadhi and end after Ram Navami. Sri Rama Navami Vasantapaksha Thiru Kalyana Mahotsavam is one of the famous Ram Navami celebrations. This place also celebrates Ram Navami with the grand wedding ceremony of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, known as 'Sitarama Kalyanam'. The temple is beautifully decorated, and devotees participate in various rituals. This place holds significance to the Lord as Ram, Sita, and Lakshman are believed to have stayed at Parnasala, 35 km away from Bhadrachalam.

4. Shirdi, Maharashtra 


Ram Navami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Shirdi. While it commemorates Lord Rama's birth, in Shirdi, it is also linked to Sai Baba. He blessed a childless devotee with a child and chose Ram Navami for an Urs celebration to unite communities. The celebrations include rituals like changing the flag at Dwarkamai and replacing wheat sacks. The three-day event features a Palki procession, Sai Baba's Abhishek with holy water from the Godavari River, and devotional programs that attract large crowds.

5. Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 


This place is a popular devotional tourist destination throughout the year, but it truly illuminates during Ram Navami. Believed to be the site where the Vanara army built a 'Ram Setu' for Lord Rama to reach Sri Lanka and rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana, this place holds utmost importance for Ram's devotees. Legends also say that the Rameshwaram temple is where Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away sin after killing Ravana. Another temple where one can witness the celebrations is the Sri Kothandarama Swamy Temple, which comes alive during Ram Navami.

6. Hyderabad 


There are multiple locations in Hyderabad where the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra is organized to celebrate the festival of Ram Navami. Seetarambagh temple and Hanuman Vyayamashal are some of the famous stops where the yatra takes place. People gather in large numbers to participate in the grand processions, chanting the name of Lord Ram as they traverse the city.

7. Vontimitta, Andra Pradesh


Vontimitta is home to another temple dedicated to Ram. The Kodandarama Swamy temple hosts a special ritual called Sri Rama Navami Brahmotsavam, which is a 14-day-long celebration. This temple is renowned for its elaborate festivities, with the premises adorned with lights as people perform various rituals and even observe fasts. Rituals such as Thiruveedhi Ula take place in the morning, while Mohana Alankaram is performed at night during this festival.

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