Immerse yourself into the world of Holi Folk Songs with these classic tunes!

As the festival of colours approaches, the air is filled with the melodious tunes of traditional Holi folk songs. Explore a few of them here.

Hitanshu Bhatt
New Update
holi folk songs

With a splash of modern colours and thumkas on Bollywood music, there is always a sweet spot for traditional music in festivities. Every Indian festival is partially complete without the inclusion of soulful folk vocals. And just like that Holi is not only a festival of colours but also a festival of music and tunes, and so we have got you some Holi folk song recommendations to switch from the usual Bollywood songs this year. These songs capture the essence of Holi – from the playful splashing of colours to the exuberant dances and heartfelt expressions of love, unity and divine grace.

1. Aaj Biraj Mein Hori Re Rasiya

2. Holi Aayi Re Kanhai

3. Holi Khelan Aayo Shyama

4. Holi Khel Rahe Banke Bihari Aaj Rang Baras Raha

5. Mithila Mei Holi

6. Holi Khel Rahe Nandlal, Vrindavan ki Kunj Galiyan Mein

7. Hori Khele Nand Ko Laal 

8. Holi Khele Re 

9. Holi Aayi Re Piya Ji Re Desh Re

10. Rang Me Kaise Holi Khelungi

Mithila Mei Holi Hori Khele Nand Ko Laal Holi Khele Re Rang Me Kaise Holi Khelungi Holi Aayi Re Kanhai Aaj Biraj Mein Hori Re Rasiya Holi Khelan Aayo Shyama