Stay Amidst the Nature-Laden Forest Stays in Maharashtra

Staying between the lush green forest and exploring the flora and fauna is one of the best experiences a nature lover can get. So. here are a few forest stays in Maharashtra for you to unwind.

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forest stays in maharashtra

The forest area of Maharashtra, particularly the Western Ghats offers a plethora of majestic views and a replenishment among the greens. Suppose you find a sense of home within the widespread forest area and an abode to relax and witness nature come alive. Forest stays are a perfect mixture of these activities as you get to experience the wildlife, and nature, and relax at the same time in your private villa or a stay. 

1. The Machan

The Machan
Image Courtesy: The Machan

The Machan is an eco-resort with unique tree houses rising 30 - 45 feet above the forest, offering complete serenity to those looking to escape into nature. They claim to use renewable sources, LEDs and CFLs in almost all their Machans, recycle 80% of all grey water and use this to water plants on the property and organically grow flowers along with other steps. They have many Machans but the forest machan is the one you might be looking for if you have landed on this article. It is a structure that floats over a dense forest, offering spectacular views of the Western Ghats. 

Where: Private Road, Lonavala Rd, Atvan, Maharashtra 

Price: From Rs.17,990 for the Forest Machan for two people per night

2. The Jungle Resort Amba

The Jungle Resort Amba
Image Courtesy: The Jungle Resort Amba

Nestled deep in the Western Ghats, about 56 km away from Kolhapur city, The Jungle Resort in Amba is a reserve forest and falls in the buffer zone of Sahyadri National Park and Dajipur Bison Sanctuary. The Jungle Resort Amba, is a tree-covered property with lawns. Scattered inside this lush green area are rooms, a swimming pool and other facilities within the open space. They also carry out safari tours in specially fitted jeeps into this forest and guide you around giving information on the various fauna and medicinal plants, endemic to these jungles. To add to the experience, there is a seasonal stream flowing through the Western part of the resort which can be witnessed during monsoon. 

Where: Plot No.104, At & Post Vishalgad-Amba Kolhapur - Ratnagiri Highway Taluka Shahuwadi, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Price: From Rs. 5,800 for 5 guests with night accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and local safari. 

3. Forest Hill Stala 

Forest Hill Stala 
Image Courtesy: Forest Hill Stala 

This is another stay that offers different options for a stay in the forest. The Forest Hill Resort at Tala in Raigad, Maharashtra is a heavenly location for all nature and adventure lovers. This resort is surrounded by lush green forests, which offer various outdoor activities like archery, riding, star gazing, ATV riding and more. We would recommend you to check out the Mud Houses which will give you a perfect nomadic vibe in between the forest. They have other options as well; Hermitage, Tree Hoppers, Camel Cabins and more. 

Where: Taraste Village, Tala, Maharashtra

Price: From Rs.14,000 per night for Mud Houses

4. The Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest
Image Courtesy: The Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge (BFSL) at the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) near Chandarpur, Maharashtra is another destination to roam in the woods. The villa is nestled in the forest where lush treetops come alive with birdsong with animals of the jungle roaming free in their natural habitat. 

Where: Near Lake Maasal, Kolara, Road, Chimur, Maharashtra

Price: Chalets from Rs.26,000 per night with meals and accommodation. The safari charge will be extra

5. Vanoshi Forest Home Stay 

vanoshi forest home stays
Image Courtesy: Vanoshi Forest Home Stay

Vanoshi Forest Home Stay is located in the southernmost tip of Maharashtra's Western Ghats, bordering the trijunction of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. The landscapes are home to the western ghats' flora and fauna and assemblage of unique habitats. A butterfly garden on the premises of the homestay is a special attraction here. If you are looking for a perfect holiday retreat with a plentiful of activities among nature you must consider Vanoshi. 

Where: At Post Kudase-Vanoshi, Dodamarg, Sindhurdurg, Maharashtra

Price: From Rs.5,720 for 2 people per night

6. Svasara Jungle Lodge

Svasara Jungle Lodge
Image Courtesy: Svasara Jungle Lodge

Svasara at Tadoba is a jungle lodge situated just 300 meters from Kolara Gate at Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The lodge features 10 acres of restored forest with 12 furnished suite rooms. It offers amenities and luxuries, multi-cuisine dining options including delectable regional Indian, Continental, and local Vharadi cuisine, as well as an immersive safari experience through custom-fitted jeeps accompanied by naturalists.

Where: Chimur, Gate, Kolara, Maharashtra

Price: Contact 93700 08008 for price

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