Place in India to Witness the Functioning of Chocolate Factories!

On your trip to these places, don't forget to check out the chocolate factories and buy tons of your favourite chocolates. Want to know more about these places? Read below!

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For all chocolate lovers, paradise is where the mountains of chocolates are! And, where else can it be but the chocolate factories? So, herein, we are talking about those 5 places that you can visit to also experience the functioning and the making of chocolates of all kinds along with spending your leisure time there!

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

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This place was called the 'queen of all hill stations' by the former and late Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. It has all things enticing, from rose gardens to various peaks for trekkers. But do you know it also houses India's first chocolate museum? Yes, that's right! Ooty has various chocolate factories that you can shop at and also see the chocolate-making process live. You can check Ooty Chocolate Factory, Choco Galleria, Mila Homemade Chocolates and more.

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

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Another hilly town in Nilgiris and close to Ooty is Coonoor. Along with the tea plantation and tea factories, you can find a few factories also making chocolates. They allow the visitors to take a glimpse of the chocolate-making process. While not all the factories are open to the public, you can still request to visit the small-scale factories, like Teetuu Home Made Chocolate Factory, Chocolate Factory and more to understand the process and talk to the locals about the art of chocolate-making!

Coorg, Karnataka 

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Amidst the hills, cold breeze, and beautiful landscape lie the chocolate factories in Coorg. You might take a tour of the cocoa farms and go to the factories to see the final production as well. There are various trails also that are formally organised for tourists that are operated by local guides. They take you to places like Chocolate Teddies, Chocolate Mane and more. So, when in Coorg, do experience the world of chocolates and make the best of your trip!

Kodaikanal, Kerala

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Going down south to Kodaikanal, the beautiful scenes, misty weather, lush greenery along with the aroma of chocolates welcome you! The valley of green hills has various factories and you can get a guide to take you through the factories. Along with the visit to the tea and coffee factories, you can satiate your chocolate cravings in the decade-old shops and factories. You can visit SV and SG cottage industries, and the Kodai chocolate factory for the experiences.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

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Want to live amongst the tribals and learn from them the art of cocoa-turned-chocolate-making? Well, wait no further and go straight to the Araku Valley. This quaint hill station is untouched by tourists and provides a peaceful vacation where you can also visit the chocolate factories and learn, eat, and enjoy together. You can visit the Chocolate Factory and Museum for the same! 

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