Agritourism in India: Here’s Where to Head to for a Unique Vacation

The travel industry has come up with something unique for your upcoming adventures: Agrotourism or Agritourism. While the concept might be new to some, it’s all about experiencing the peaceful beauty of rural life firsthand.

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Agritourism in India

The generations that didn’t have smartphones and or WiFi remember summer vacations differently. It was a month-long holiday at a relative’s place in a remote village with plenty of trees, a river or pond nearby and farm animals all around. Most of us have enjoyed this one way or another. And today, it has become a type of a unique travel experience called Agritourism.

Agritourism in a Nutshell

It is an innovative concept that merges agriculture and tourism. Agrotourism or Agritourism is also known as Farmtourism and Agriculture Tourism. It encompasses a wide range of activities like farm visits, educational programs, farming activities, and more. The aim is to uplift farmers' economic conditions while offering visitors an immersive experience in rural life and agriculture, filled with enjoyment and entertainment. It allows guests to stay at fully operational farms to see the daily work routines and activities that occur in the agriculture industry.

Fun Places to Head to for Agritourism in India

1. Vanilla County, Kottayam, Kerala

Vanilla County
Image Courtesy: Vanilla County

With the tagline ‘sample rural Kerala at its best’, this off-the-tourist-trail place is located in an area of outstanding beauty and drama called Mavady Hills. Vanilla County is a pioneering plantation that offers a vintage stay with relaxed local informality. Here, the guests get an opportunity to relax in total privacy and make the experience their own. 

You can explore the spectacular Mavady hills and connect with your surroundings, share precious time with friends and family, and indulge in the finest local produce. Go live in a 75-year-old heritage bungalow and immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of vintage architecture. The experiences include nature walks, spice trails, a rock pool swim and authentic homely cuisine.

Where: Mavady Estate, Teekoy, Kottayam, Kerala

2. The Goat Village, Garhwal, Uttarakhand

The Goat Village
Image Courtesy: The Goat Village

The Goat Village (TGV) was originally established in 2016 to nurture the hill traditions and create a symbiotic relationship between tourism, culture, and nature. The place is completely solar-powered and is a plastic-free zone where they encourage our guests to minimise water and energy consumption. TGV promotes responsible waste management, upcycling and use of pre-loved stuff. They actively work to raise awareness among guests about the importance of preserving the natural environment and respecting local culture and traditions.

The space offers 10 cottages constructed using the traditional architectural technique known as ‘Koti Banal’, practised for over a thousand years. Immerse yourself in the local way of life as you reside in these charming Garhwali cottages, thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and extraordinary living experience. Indulge in the flavours of Garhwali cuisine, cooked using the produce from local farms with recipes of the local Pahadi grandmothers. Experience the farm life; milk the goats, visit the fields and pick the local wild berries or the fruits from the trees.

Where: The Goat Village Nagtibba, Pantwadi Village, Nag Tibba, Garhwal, Uttarakhand

3. Prakriti Farms, Rupnagar, Punjab

Prakriti Farms
Image Courtesy: Prakriti Farms

Nestled in the Shivalik Foothills just 10 minutes from the Ropar wetlands is Prakriti Farms. This family-owned and operated spot is where you can experience ‘life on the farm’ with Punjabi country hospitality. Discover the delights of a leisurely stroll or a trek across rolling hills and bushland taking in the magnificent views of the Shivalik countryside. The Shivalik mountains also have an excellent climate, a necessity that makes it perfect for both experienced and first-time trekkers.

It is a pet-friendly farm and welcomes newcomers. You can plant a tree when you visit and that will not only reverse your carbon footprint but also give you a memory to last a lifetime. Guests can choose to stay at the cottages or tents which are equipped with shared bathrooms. Some luxury Swiss tents have attached bathrooms as well.

Where: Prakriti Farms (AKA Colonels Farm), PO Rail Majra, District Shahid Bhagat Singh, Punjab

4. Maachli, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

Image Courtesy: Maachli

According to the website, Maachli was created to debut an abundance of breeze, plants, fruits, natural fragrances and anything related to nature in your life. It is a hidden getaway and located in a very remote part of the village and also not to be found on any boards by the roadside. The weather is always pleasant as the cottage is surrounded by coconut and betel nut trees. Thick plantations and the stream that flows through the farm lead to the creation of a microclimate that is distinctly different from the climate outside the farm.

This spot delivers the experience of nature homestay which is a great platform to explore a regional culture and connect with the people of the village. Maachli means 'elevated huts' and the accommodations are true to the name. The space organises a Tribal Art Exhibition, pottery classes and more for the guests.

Where: Ishavasyam, Manjardewadi, At Post-Parule, Tal-Vengurla, Dist- Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

5. Konyak Tea Retreat, Mon, Nagaland

Konyak Tea Retreat
Image Courtesy: Konyak Tea Retreat

The farmhouse is situated in the heart of the 250-acre 'Sayeang Tea Estate' in Shiyong Village. It is a privately owned family property established in 1988. Both Assam and Chinese varieties of tea are cultivated here. The estate employs approximately 80 workers from the village on a permanent basis.

There’s a lot you can do here at Konyak Tea Retreat. Walk through the hillsides of the tea and coffee plantations and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the surrounding Konyak territory. Or participate with the staff in the tea plantation and learn how to pick tea leaves from them. You can interact with the staff at the coffee plantation and share your story or see/learn how they experiment with compost and mulching. Pick oranges straight from the trees at the orchard while in season.

Also, do try your hand at milking cows or learn how to make a fire and smoke meat. You can even help the farmers in weeding their rice fields and share lunch with them in a worker’s hut. Hang out in the village in the evenings sipping rice beer, or sit by the bonfire soaking in the experiences at the farmhouse. The nearest airports are Dibrugarh and Jorhat airports in the neighboring state of Assam.

Where: Konyak Tea Retreat, Shiyong Village, Mon District, Nagaland

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