From dreaming about hip hop to becoming a sensation – The Journey of Spectra Music.

"It was quite difficult to convince people because rapping was not a conventional form of art and some people didn’t even consider it as an art form."

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Spectra Music, aka Shubham Pal, rose to fame during the TV show MTV Hustle 2.0 but he reveals what goes backstage in the journey called life in an interview with Local Samosa.

Spectra hails from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and was always fascinated by rap music and hip hop, even when it was not famous in India. He discovered Desi Hip Hop at a very early age and used to follow the music when very few people even knew about it.“I used to listen to Bohemia and singers like him when they used to put their songs on Reverb Nation and Facebook (popular platforms for music at that time),” says Spectra. He defines himself as a proper fanboy of desi hip pop and being that brought him into this field.

When he started raping after leaving the theatre, people used to mock him for his choice of career. It was quite difficult to convince them because rapping was not a conventional form of art and some people didn’t even consider it as an art form. “But I kept the fire alive within me and ventured on a journey of becoming Spectra,” said the rapper, who also has a story behind the name.

The Spectrum of Emotions


He studied science during his 11th and 12th grades, and in one of his classes, he learned about the Spectrum – a band of colors obtained on a screen when white light passes through a prism and splits into its constituent colors, creating a rainbow. 'So,' he decided, 'I will use Spectra as my pen name whenever I perform in the future,'" adds the hip-hop fanboy. His artistry and songs also reflect a wide range of emotions, which aligns perfectly with the name Spectra. Some of his songs encompass a diverse range of genres, such as 'Lump Sum' for those who want to party, 'Tum Nazar Mein' for those who want to deeply connect with emotions of grief, 'Kaalrism' for songs addressing social issues, and for hardcore hip-hop music enthusiasts, there are songs like 'PTSD' and 'Bicky Don.'

The Big Leap

Most of his songs became famous when the rapper was a part of a TV reality show MTV Hustle 2.0. Spectra says, “This stage has personally given me the chance to shine and show my artistry to the world, just like many rappers.” But he also believes that people should not only follow people who appear on TV shows and are famous but also support upcoming artists who are genuinely good at the craft. Only then will this industry reach greater heights.


But the scene has changed a lot since then. People were not accepting enough, but now they have started accepting this as a form of art. With the inclusion of formats like diss culture, which Spectra himself finds very important, things have taken a huge leap. He feels, 'Diss is the only genre that allows people to openly criticize not only a person or another rapper but also to raise your voice on social issues, society's mental state, or even an establishment.' Apart from this, the beauty of the industry is that it allows everyone the freedom to express themselves. It doesn't confine one person to a specific look, presentation, or music production style. You don't need fancy things to create good music or a rap video; if you are powerful with your words, your song can touch many people.


Believing this, the rapper has recently released his latest single, called 'Ishaara'. The song 'Ishaara' delves deep into the emotions that arise from a broken heart and the pain of being deceived in a relationship. The song tells the story of a boy's journey through a rollercoaster of emotions after being cheated on by the girl he loved. With raw and poignant lyrics, Spectra weaves together the complexities of love and loss.


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