At the age of 19 years, Anas Shaikh is achieving huge laps for motorsports in India

Anas Shaikh aims to represent India in Formula One someday and bring Indian motorsports to the world map leaving behind a trail of inspiration for others to follow.

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In a country where motorsports still grapples for recognition, Anas Shaikh from Pune, Maharashtra has made significant strides in this sport at the age of 19 years.

His journey into motorsports began four years ago, fueled by his love for adrenaline and competition. He recalls, “I was already involved in a lot of sports, but the thrill I experienced from motorsports was different, and I decided to pursue it as my full-time career.” Despite encountering early setbacks, including a hernia that necessitated surgery and a lengthy recovery period, Anas remained committed to his passion. After three months of bed rest, the champion returned to the track, inspired by his father’s unwavering encouragement and support. However, his mother remains apprehensive, believing that racing involves a high risk of injury.

Mohhamad Anas Shaikh

Yet, undeterred by doubts, he remains resolute in pursuing his passion. He began his preparations in full swing after his surgery. From grueling training regimens to learning the intricacies of the sport, he immersed himself in every aspect, seeking guidance from experienced teams like Aura Racing and DTS Racing during his training days.

Just like every sportsperson, preparation is key for Anas as well. He diligently maintains his physical fitness under the guidance of his personal trainer, Rohit from Dubai, ensuring peak performance on the track. Mentally, he finds solace in morning runs and yoga, seeking harmony with nature to stay grounded amidst the intensity of competition. 'So whenever I am at the lows of my career, I visit the mountains and find peace in nature,' says the young man.


With the right balance of physical and mental health, he has achieved significant feats at such a young age. He represented Team CRA Motorsports India in the Endurance Cup in Dubai in 2023. At just 16, he dove headfirst into the exhilarating realm of Formula LGB cars and intense racing events in Coimbatore. 'Despite my late start, I joined Team Ahura Racing and finished 4th in the race, missing the podium by just one position,' says the 19-year-old racer. Currently, he is burning rubber with Team DTS Racing in the JK Tyre (Novice Cup) National Championship. His upcoming adventure with Indian Warrior Racing Limited at the iconic Silverstone in the UK promises to be the pinnacle of his racing journey as he aims to conquer the revered GB4 Championship and bring glory to his homeland, being the youngest Indian driver on the grid for next year.

In a country where motorsports still grapples for recognition, Anas sees himself as an ambassador for the sport. He believes that education and awareness are crucial in reshaping perceptions and elevating motorsports to mainstream status. He actively engages in seminars and discussions, advocating for greater recognition and support for aspiring racers. His ultimate goal is to represent India in Formula One someday and put Indian motorsports on the world map

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