Menstrual Hygiene Day: 5 changemakers advocating for menstrual hygiene

From Artika Singh to Amani Dabriwala, these people are working for the betterment of the health of the menstruators by spreading awareness regarding it. Check this out!

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Credit: UNICEF

Owing to the countless prejudices involved with menstruation, ensuring menstrual hygiene in masses is as difficult as removing these prejudices. However, with determined and concentrated efforts, the utmost importance of menstrual hygiene can be spread; through narrating the importance of safe practices and habits to menstruators who are unaware of the same. On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day, we highlight individuals who have been advocating for best practices and ensuring that these practices are accessible to the underprivileged.

1. Maya Vishwakarma



Called, 'Padwoman', Maya Vishwakarma is one of the changemakers educating about menstrual hygiene through her multiple initiatives and programmes. She has also been a pioneer in distributing menstrual products in rural areas. The founder of Sukarma Foundation manufactures sanitary pads while also providing employment to women in rural areas. 

2. Amani Dabriwala



There is no doubt that youth power is the driving force needed to change the dynamics of society, and Amani Dabriwala's work exemplifies this potential. Hailing from Mumbai, Dabriwala collaborates with BMC schools and semi-government schools to raise awareness about the importance of sanitary napkins and their safe disposal. Through crowdfunding, she has also provided sanitary napkin disposal machines to two schools.

3. Artika Singh


Aiming to foster awareness among the rural communities about healthy practices attached to menstruation, Artika Singh, the founder of Taarini Foundation visits places to advocate for the cause. She has been working with communities to teach designing, and operating machines and often provides them with the raw materials for making cloth pads. The Delhi-based founder has also been promoting the usage of menstrual cups to motivate menstruators in rural regions to opt for sustainable menstrual practices.

4. Anusha Attree



In her efforts to break the stigma around menstruation, Anusha Attree, associated with Girl Up India, has been advocating for impactful health initiatives for women. Anusha also founded the NGO Warriors Without Cause and works with underprivileged menstruators in backward regions to spread awareness and knowledge about protecting oneself from diseases and problems that arise from a lack of proper maintenance. The Delhi-based changemaker was also part of the G20 Summit.

5. Manisha Pal 



Hailing from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, Manisha Pal took it upon herself to help the women of her region overcome the challenges related to menstruation. After completing a training session with UNICEF and experiencing the difficulties of defecating in the open during her menstrual days, she began advocating for clean habits. She is well-known for promoting menstrual health education in her native place, bringing change and comfort through her efforts.

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